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Eps 39: Why you are meant for more with Jo Bendle
Eps 38: Use this lifestyle hack to get work done for free
Eps 37: How to conduct a Life Audit and discover what matters
Eps 36: Achieve your goals with the Be, Do, Have model
Eps 35: The magic formula of energy in vs energy out
EP 34: Four ways to create habits that stick
Eps 33 How to use Stop. Start. Continue for a great 2024
Eps 32: What is your WORD for 2024?
Eps 30: 9 Business Moments I’m celebrating from 2023
Eps 29: My 2024 Business Plan Revealed
Eps 28: 12 Mindset Books to Motivate and Inspire You
Eps 31: Powerful questions to ask yourself to find the gold in 2023
Eps 27: Steal my biz audit process to find the gold in yours
Eps 26: Behind the scenes of my monthly goal setting ritual
Eps 25: Entrepreneurship or a career – which should you choose?
Eps 24: Prioritising what matters – How to juggle your work, family and lifestyle
Eps 23: Three Ways to Unlock Your Creative Potential
Eps 22: Changing Your Money Story
Eps 21: Mastering Mindfulness – A Guide to Inner Peace
Eps 20 Four Steps to Get and Maintain Momentum