Eps 32: What is your WORD for 2024?

December 30, 2023


It’s my favourite time of the year, no not holidays, but the time you choose your word of the year. The one that you want to encompass your entire year, your guiding north star.

This is a simple yet powerful exercise to do to stay true to your values and your intentions in the year ahead.

In this episode I share mine, how to go about finding yours and then how to use it for best effect.

Shownotes for Episode 32

I leaned a lot into relationship growth and understanding. I also leaned a lot more into my health and wellness. I personally learned a ton from my son Leo and I also learned a lot through the trials and tribulations of one of my businesses. And if you have been listening to this podcast for any amount of time, you might know that the last three episodes were designed for you to really lean in and reflect on your 2023.

So episode 31 Was actually 18 powerful questions to ask yourself to find the gold in 2023. If you haven’t listened to that, head across to lifepilot.co/31. I highly recommend it.

It’s 20 minutes of awesome. And these questions are going to be so helpful for you to actually look back on the year, really feel into it and get a sense for what truly happened for you personally and your year as a whole and to understand what you do and don’t want to take into 2024.

The episode before that episode 30 was all about business moments that I’m celebrating from 2023 and how you can use this process to identify what went well in your business or your career, throughout this year. And episode 29 was my 2024 business plan revealed.

And again, that was really hopefully insightful for you to see where I’ve come from, what I’m planning for 2024 and to grab my free business plan template, which you can do at lifepilot.co/bizplan That’s B I Z P L A N.

It’s an awesome one page business plan that I have used for the better part of 10 years and it really works and you have been downloading it like crazy. So please go grab that. It’s free It’s awesome, and it really works

And I will actually say that for the better part of December. I have taken more time than ever in my life to reflect, to ask myself questions, not only my own, but also to host two beautiful workshops for my early foundation members of Momentum, and also to go through the beautiful Mel Robbins Best Year Ever workbook, as well as have a lot of life pilot walk and talks with Josh, my husband, as well as just have beautiful deep conversations.

Thrown into the mix, I also had a gorgeous week away, which I. Literally just before the Christmas break in a beautiful part of New Zealand called Queenstown and Glenorchy, a friend had their 40th there and invited everybody along to these two eco resorts. We went kayaking, we did hiking, we jumped in the lake, we had beautiful conversations, there was nourishing food, there was daily yoga, the breathtaking views were just spectacular and Josh and I just chilled the heck out.

More importantly, there was childcare every single day from 10 a. m. till 6 p. m. and we took full advantage of that. I’m not gonna lie, we didn’t think we’d have more than maybe an hour or two to ourselves each day, but Leo took to these five young ladies just loved them, and they only were really looking after six or seven kids max, and every day they had activities, park, drawing, whatever it was, and he just loved it.

And we found ourselves one day out Just away from 10 till 6 and it was like miraculous. So we got to do a lot of our life pilot dreaming and scheming. We leaned into our life canvas, our big picture vision. We just talked really honestly and candidly about the year that was, our first year of marriage, our almost second year in business with Fraemohs, about our relationship, about everything.

And it was so spacious and needed and we reconnected. We had beautiful moments of intimacy. And as I said, candid moments, and it was just incredible. Highly recommend, in the future, having a holiday before the holiday period. Or just rolling your holidays into one. Because, since coming back from that, we have literally rolled into the next holiday.

I am currently offline, off work. With Fraemohs Homes¬†out of office until 8th of Jan, which feels amazing, not checking any email, no phone messages, there’s out of office messages there, forgetting about everything and feeling really good.

The power of reflection to uncover your Word of the year

And then surprisingly through all this powerful reflection and giving myself a full month, it’s not every day I’ve been doing something, But every week I have been pausing and taking time to reflect, write down my answers, journal, dive deep into really what this year was for me and interestingly It was not only through my powerful questions and work that I did, but also doing Mel Robbins Best Year Ever workbook.

In addition to that, that I did this brilliant trick that she had, which is just, I’m sure a lot of you already do. It was scrolling through your phone and pulling out three highlights from every month. And it wasn’t until I scrolled through my phone and all the beautiful moments of 2023, that I realized that it was actually a really kick ass year compared to what maybe I have been speaking to on this podcast.

Don’t get me wrong, the financial crap for the second half of 2023 related to Fraemohs and cashflow and big investments, et cetera. was shitty and not fun, but there’s been so many lessons and silver linings that have come out of it.

And the relationship stuff has also had many silver linings come out of it. It wasn’t until I did that exercise of highlights of every single month that I realized that this year has actually been You know, a far better one than I was giving it credit for.

So this is why I’m such a firm believer of giving yourself space and time to reflect. If I sound like a record on repeat, good if you are listening to this on the day that I’m recording it, because honestly, I was going to give myself this holiday off, but I’ve been so inspired by all the rest and relaxation and reflection, that I just wanted to drop in to share with you this beautiful word of the year prompt.

And to give you the links to the other podcasts that i’ve done so that maybe you can just binge listen to them Before the new year and even into the first week of the new year, and give yourself that gift.

And this is the other thing that is really coming up for me. Is that for the last week I have just given myself the gift of taking time to learn. To write. To reflect. To read. And it’s been really beautiful. So I’ve been finishing off Chill and Prosper by Denise Duffield Thomas. I have a new book that I’m starting in the new year.

The Diary of a CEO by Stephen Bartlett. And I have also been going through some courses that I have paid for but not done. I’ve been finishing up my study in the practitioner training behind the certificate in life coaching that I got certified in earlier this year.

So this was an extension of that training to go deeper into the mindset and the tools and methodologies for your whole nervous system your mind, your body, your soul. So that’s been really beautiful because I had done that study throughout the year, but I hadn’t finished it and it was my gift to myself.

And I’m also a member of two different. Memberships for women entrepreneurs, and I’ve just been diving into a few of the little trainings here and there and getting caught up. And it’s just been such an immersive, expansive week. So it’s one of my favorite ways now to spend the last part of the year, and I’m also taking it through into the first week of next year because nothing needs to be done before the 31st.

It’s not like the 31st clock ticks over to January one. at 12. 01am and you’re a different person and everything’s changed. No, give yourself another week or two. Everybody knows that setting a new year resolution on January 1st is your biggest path to failure.

Give yourself a couple of days grace to just ease into that year.

You probably still want to celebrate with a drink with friends on New Year’s Day. You probably just want to bum around, chill out, relax, have fun, dance, kick it up, whatever. But whatever it is, you don’t need to do it all on New Year’s Day.

In fact research has shown that is the likelihood for more failure. Whereas middle of January, end of January, much more likely for you to be settled back into a bit of a rhythm and to start implementing some of those new habits and approaches that you would really like so that you can have the most powerful, beautiful year.

Coming back to the word of the year, I tend to find that when I want to come up with the word for the year that I want to encompass everything with, I just Essentially, let it channel through me, and I wouldn’t overthink it, whatever word pops into your head first is probably the right one for you, but if you don’t particularly love the word, you can then use a thesaurus to find a different word with the same meaning.

So I’ve had people answering this over on Instagram. I will link to that in the podcast and you can find the full show notes to this plus links to the previous three episodes that support this wrap up episode for 2023 if it helps you. I will also link to my business plan in there. I will link to my perfect day exercise.

I’ll link to Mel Robbins free workbook and I’ll link to the Instagram post where I’ve been asking people to share their word of the year and why it’s important to them or what it means to them.

But do try this out. It sounds so simple, but once you pick that word, then the key is to use it. Put it as a screensaver on your laptop, have it as a note on your workspace, maybe do it as the screensaver on your phone.

Maybe you could get a tattoo of it. That’s not permanent. Whatever it takes, just have that word as the overarching theme of your year ahead. And trust me, when you’re in situations throughout 2024, when you’re making big decisions or you are going through a tough time, or you are on the precipice of a major change, or you are super excited about something, but you’re wondering whether it’s the right time for it.

Or you’re considering something major or even small, come back to this word of the year and see whether these things that are impacting you in the moment align with that word. It honestly becomes your guiding north star and it really works.

So your word of the year might be It might be peace, it might be minimalism, it might be kindness, it might be learning, it might be love, and you’ll be surprised that when you just have a word and a theme for the year, how it will literally change. not take over your life but permeate it in all the right ways and give every single other thing that comes into your life this kind of lens through which you see it, through the meaning of this word to you.

In addition to writing the word of the year, And speaking it out loud, share it with friends and tell them the why behind that word. Like why did I choose growth this year? Because I really want to step up and grow. I want to up level on this podcast. I want to have guests. I want to have the content being epic. I want everything about growth.

My life pilot website to be top level like beautiful content written so that it just speaks to you.

I want to up level Everything I have new opt ins coming. I want to take life pilot to the next level. I have a new offering coming for it I want to take my life and business coaching to the next level I have so many things that I’m strategically going to be working on and bringing so much energy to and that requires growth within me.

That requires me to become the person that I know I have been, can be, already am and am waiting to grow into even more. So that requires more learning on my front, more research, more expansion, more putting myself in positions where I’m going to have to grow. And then there’s growth from relationship point of view, from finances point of view, and especially for me from health and wellness point of view in 2024.

So you can see how that is already driving my personal spirit behind the things that I do. I was just having a beautiful conversation with Josh, sharing a lot of my answers and these reflections. And also talking about what I want to start, stop and continue. Which is another really powerful exercise that you’ll see in Mel Robbins workbook.

It’s a transformational business leadership tool that a lot of people use. What do you want to stop doing? What do you want to continue doing? And what do you want to start doing? So happy to share those with you in my first podcast of 2024 and as one more tool and prompt for you to use and really consider.

But you can start working on it right now. Honestly, people, the more that you Dig deep and ask yourself these powerful questions. The more you will learn about yourself, the more positive change you can expect in 2024.

And you know you want it, right? If you want things to remain exactly the same as they are because they’ve been going amazing, then keep doing more, continue doing more of what you’re already doing.

I just truly wish you the most beautiful start to 2024. Let’s welcome in a year that I feel has. untapped potential, and For me, so much growth for you, whatever your word is that you have, I would love, love, love to know it.

So as I said, please share it with me at Natalie Sisson on Instagram, just DM me with it, or find the post where I’ve talked about your word for this year and add your comment like everybody else has been doing, because I would love to support you throughout 2024 to make that word real. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you for listening to the Life Pilot podcast this year.

Thank you for listening to my more personal and I guess transparent episodes over this last month where I’ve dove a little deeper into the methods and the tools that I personally use to create shift and I 100 percent know for sure that all of these tools can have a profound benefit and impact on your life, but the number one thing is your belief in you, your belief in your dreams and making them happen, which is precisely why I created Life Pilot in the first place.

So The first episodes of January 2024 are going to be all about creating and setting beautiful intentions and goals that align with your values, your word of the year, and who you want to become to live your most epic life.

So stay tuned. The best way is to subscribe right here on the podcast app that you are listening to, whether that’s Spotify, Stitcher, Apple, you name it, please do that. Rate and review would be an amazing gift to me for 2024. I would love to see some of your reviews there and be able to read them out. And also please feel free to share with me episodes that you would love to hear about topics that you would love for me to cover, especially when it comes to the aspect of life pilot, where we cover off on wealth.

Wellness, personal growth, relationships, lifestyle, and career slash work slash impact.

Thank you so much for listening. You have been amazing. 2023. Can’t wait to see you in 2024. I am signing out for 2023. I can’t wait to deliver more goodness to you in 2024 and have a kick ass year together.

Much love.


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