Eps 30: 9 Business Moments I’m celebrating from 2023

December 1, 2023


It is that time of the year when I am excited to share with you 9 business moments I’m celebrating from 2023, what I’m immensely proud of and what could have gone better.

I think this is a powerful reflection exercise to do for your business and in your life.

It is really important to look back on the year because that is where you will find the hidden gems, the gold that you can take the best into 2024 and leave the rest of the crap behind – so long as you learned the lesson from it.

So without further ado, I’m going to share with you nine things that I’m really proud of this year and three things that I want to improve.

In this episode, you’ll:

  • Discover the hidden gems about my personal and professional wins in the year 2023
  • Uncover how I personally take the silver linings and learnings from any challenges
  • Why it’s important to reflect on what went well and what didn’t so you can make real change in the New Year


Shownotes: Celebrating Wins In The Year 2023:

1. Motherhood Milestones:

2023 was my second year as a mum. Leo is now two years and three months and I am honestly so proud of myself for coming on this journey and for continuing to show up, do the work and learn what he is teaching me every single day.

I’m learning how I’m reacting, learning any past trauma or triggers and continuing to work on showing up as a more connected parent and as a result we have a thriving kid.

We have a happy family most of the time and it’s the biggest gift and the biggest learning lesson that I’ve ever had.

I’m frankly excited because it’s always new like he is definitely in the twos stage now and just in the last couple of weeks he has stepped up that level like nothing else and Josh and I were kind of like left reeling going whoa we need to get Find new levels.

We need to learn new tools, keep educating ourselves, and keep adjusting. He keeps us on our feet.

And it is a beautiful gift because it has taught me so much about myself and the areas of work that I get to do and the things frankly really freaking proud of so the thing I’m most proud of this year is turning up to be a very connected, empathetic, present mum.

Like, there is no TV in our household, and there are very limited screens apart from looking at photos of himself. So, we are constantly with Leo and being present. And that, that takes a lot and it’s also… absolutely beautiful and the most magical gift that one could have.

2. Holistic Life Coaching Certification:

Number two that I’m really proud of is that somewhere in this year of running a 10-acre lifestyle property, having a gorgeous toddler, having two gorgeous white German shepherds, running two businesses, somewhere in between all of that and being in my first year of marriage with Josh, I managed to become a Certified holistic life coach.

I did the intensive work, did all my theory and curriculum, did my 12 hours of practical one-to-one coaching, and absolutely freaking loved it. Thank you MindBodyFood Institute.

It was a brilliant course and I got certified. I’m really proud of that and it has allowed me to open up as a coach so much more.

To go from business and strategy to being a holistic life coach and holistic just means all of life. It’s kind of freaking perfect when it comes to LifePilot because we look at all the areas of life.

It also means not just being in your head, it’s your full body like tapping into and understanding how you are feeling your emotions, your behaviours, and your mindsets.

It’s brought a real richness and depth to my one-to-one coaching that I didn’t have before. I didn’t have those tools.

I’m now currently working on the mind-body practitioner training, which is going to allow me to introduce more tools for working with your breath, your nervous system, and meditation, mindset, so many things.

These areas will allow you to essentially reset your nervous system and understand why you’re being reactive, how to deal with it, and come up with tools basically to help you in this journey of better understanding yourself so you can become the best version of you.

3. Revival of One-to-One Coaching:

The third thing I’m really proud of is that I brought back to one-to-one coaching, which is how I started my business back in 2009.

It’s been a 360 circle to come back to this and to really appreciate it now as a coach for so many years, but not necessarily in that one-to-one. And the clients that are turning up to work with me are amazing and perfect.

They are transparent. They are vulnerable. They’re willing to do the work. They are open. They want growth and they’re just implementers and action takers and they also listen and apply and question.

And as I said, they’re just they’re willing to experience that growth and as a result not just their business, but their lives and their relationships are being impacted through our one-to-one work.

So it’s really really beautiful and I’ll be sharing more of their stories and in the new year.

4. Consistent Podcasting:

I have managed to keep this podcast up as a weekly podcast for pretty much the entire year. It started in February. It was a complete switch to LifePilot and I’m just really proud of turning up.

I have tried multiple times to do a video podcast, so if you’re watching this on video, it means I’ve succeeded. But tech and all sorts of fun issues have not made that always, possible, and for 2024, that’s.

It’s definitely one of the things that I am implementing to show up more with my face, to be more visible, and to connect with you more as your biz bestie and lifestyle design friend. But I’m just really proud to get this out.

I have batched it, prerecorded or done last minute, but I have continually shown up every single week with this podcast and it’s growing, and I have loved the feedback that I’m getting.

I know that it’s resonating and I’ve got so many great topics that I want to deliver in 2024. And I also want to bring back interviews.

So one interview a month with some beautiful people who are literally designing their lives right now. Not after the big influences and the big-name successes. People who are doing the work right now, living the life we can learn from.

I’m excited for interviews. And I’m also excited about leveling the podcast.

I’ve got new artwork coming. As I said, video podcast, new webcam, better tools, lighting, and this amazing office.

So really proud of the LifePilot podcast and its growth. And if you’re enjoying it, please do me a favour:

Give me a gift, like, subscribe, rate, or review on any platform. Follow me here. I would love it because there’s so much more goodness coming.

5. Website Upgrades and Community Growth:

The fifth one is actually just about the general website upgrades to LifePilot this year. Like it was a brand-new website at the start of the year.

I pretty much felt like I started this business from scratch, even though LifePilot’s been around for six years, I’m going all in on it.

And I’m really proud of the website, the landing pages, and the new opt-ins that I’ve been creating, which are going to be amazing in 2024.

Already starting to make an impact towards the growth of the community in the email list. But every little landing page, every opt-in has been me then going behind the scenes and going, I need to revisit this email campaign. Is there a funnel?

Like just getting back into what I used to do really well and know best, but it feels like it’s taken almost a whole year to get there, to create these systems, and to develop that sense of flow and continuity and a great experience for new clients and customers.

So I’m proud of that, especially the life audit that is coming, and hopefully the new life pilot app that Josh is building.

So Hallelujah, if that comes out in 2024. Whoo!

6. Team Expansion and Delegation:

The sixth one that I’m really proud of is just getting my team back on board slowly, but surely.

So my website designer Rev I’ve bought back in for the better part of this year just to do projects on the website and it’s been beautiful to work with her again.

She’s so amazing. So efficient. She knows me really well. She’s been working with me for the better part of five years.

Then I brought back my VA Aprille, on a very small basis, but looking to increase that hopefully, and Philippe, the new video editor just gonna be awesome to delegate the things that have been taking up a lot of time in a week where I really don’t have a lot of time to work on this business currently.

So that I can focus on the things that I do best, which is the coaching, which is the content creation, and which is creating new offers that are going to help you.

7. Launch of my NEW Momentum Program:

The seventh thing that I’m really proud of is my new offer, Momentum 10 Weeks to 10X Your Life, happening in January.

And I’ve got two bonus workshops happening this side of Christmas. And I’m just really proud, like, I haven’t put out a new offer in quite a while and it takes a lot of guts and courage and bravery and understanding of what people want.

I’m also really proud that I haven’t had imposter syndrome or comparison-itis or many doubts at all compared to when I used to be doing a whole lot of offers.

It just feels like it’s real. I’m true to it. I’m transparent with her. I’m enjoying the process and the journey. I’ve got people enrolled already. It’s resonating. It counts. People love it.

I’ve got some things to upgrade and fix and I’ve learned a lot, but I’m just, it feels so good to be back in the space of offering something and standing behind it.

And I’m excited to learn, share, and teach in the new year. And I love the way in which I’ve structured it, which is unlike anything before.

In an hour live session, it’ll be part learning, part implementation, and part coaching.

And I just love that structure so that you’re not just always learning and consuming, you’re actually getting to do and make progress and you’re getting coaching while you’re there to answer any questions, share any doubts, any struggles, any little things that are going to sidetrack you so you can keep moving and get momentum.

And it incorporates all the holistic life coaching and everything that I’ve learned. Sure there’s a money mindset, sure there’s business and making more money, but there’s also lifestyle and relationships and habits and behaviors and life pilot baked in, which I’m super excited about.

8. Balancing Two Businesses:

The eighth thing that I think I’m really proud of is balancing two distinctly different businesses. I am very often in my yin and my feminine in LifePilot.

It’s a lot about coaching and empathy and understanding and teaching and learning.

And in Fraemohs Homes, I’m very much in my yang. It’s operational, it’s project management, it’s, you know, sales. So there’s a lot of cool stuff in it, but it’s very much more like the doing and operations and very different industry.

And so, the context switch from that has been. Insane this year and I’m really proud of how I’ve held that I literally have loved being able to switch that up with having an office for LifePilot and an office for Fraemohs.

9. Creation of a Dedicated Office Space:

This brings me to my ninth thing that I am really proud of and celebrating this year which is finally having an office in a space in which to so, for the better part of two years, maternity leave didn’t have it, kind of worked from tables and dining rooms and all over the place.

And when we got the show home and office, it really helped me with Fraemohs to have a current desk, standing desk set up all the time with all my Fraemohs stuff.

But only in the last month have I moved into the bedroom in the same show home to have my LifePilot business.

And I literally walked through a door from, the beautiful soft serenity and calm beautiful space of the bedroom which I’m in right now with the plants and the curtains and the carpet and it just smells so good.

I’ve got a gorgeous view out the window to the field and then I walk through to this solid timber beautiful kind of space in the kitchen dining and that’s Fraemohs Homes and I also have a beautiful view but it’s a different feel and I get to literally leave one business hat and put on another so.

I underestimated how much I needed that and that space for me to just be able to create and be and be productive and have my equipment around me and my setup, ring lights and everything, and mics and just my space, which is very different for each business.

So, I’m really, really proud of that. So those would be the nine things that I’m really proud of this year.

3 Things I Want to Improve:

1. Setting Better Boundaries:

And then three things that could have gone better. So first off, I think, Setting better boundaries. I have definitely let a lot of life admin, family stuff, and organization stuff come into my work time when I already don’t have much work time.

So just being really mindful of okay, cleaning and organizing and appointment setting and all those things don’t have to fall to me. We do good delegation within our family.

But also, it doesn’t need to be done during my work hours. So, prioritize what really matters and what’s going to make an impact and move the needle.

And, so holding true to my boundaries. I’m a very good boundary setter, but even so, I’ve got more work to do on that.

2. Honest Time Tracking:

The second thing that could have gone a lot better was actually tracking my time much more honestly. So I’m a huge time-tracking fan. I use Toggl.

I’ve talked about this across so many episodes. It’s really important for you to understand where your time’s going what you’re prioritizing and what you’re working on so you can make improvements and tweaks.

So part of having the team is one of the things I’m celebrating is that I can delegate more and stay in my zone of genius. However, I wasn’t honestly tracking it enough.

So I have recently been accounting for more of that life admin and all those things when I’m doing social media on my phone or client phone calls, et cetera, that I’m not necessarily properly tracking.

And suddenly my hours shot up to like 27 hours last week, which included business planning on my own behalf, but just a lot more than I realized versus what I thought was sort of a 10 to 15-hour work week.

So just being very much more cognizant of exactly where my time goes and how precious it is.

3. Navigating Challenging Client Relationships:

And the third thing that has been both, the hardest year of my life and probably the biggest gift has been a particularly toxic, entitled, critical, just horrible client to deal with on the Fraemohs Home side.

This is something that I never experienced before. And unlike in my business, when I’ve never actually had a really horrible client, which I’m really grateful for.

But if I’ve had anybody who was just a little disgruntled or it just wasn’t the right fit or didn’t align, whatever, I could just say, you know what, it’s cool. It’s not going to work out. Refund, you walk away.

You cannot do that when you are building somebody’s house, you can’t walk away halfway through a building and feel like you’re in.

In an integrity or your reputation is going to stay intact.

So, you have to deal with these people day and day out and it is relentless and it has taken over my nervous system and it has, it has really forced me to be less reactive and to learn better tools around what I thought I was great at, which is communicating and clarity

It’s just destroyed so much of my thinking around that and then I’ve had to rebuild it and build resilience and really find new tools and ways of working with this.

It has improved our systems, our resourcefulness, stickability and, just continuing to show up professionally and serve no matter what.

It has also made us realize what clients we will never deal with and we will spot red flags a lot earlier, we’ve got mechanisms in place for that now, we’ve got a lot more things in terms of, I guess, just covering our asses more.

I’d say we’ve been fine-tuning, documenting, tracking, everything, so many things that we’ve learned about relationships and people.

Oh my gosh, I could do a whole podcast on it, but that has taken so much of my time and energy, and some sleepless nights, which I’m really pissed off at honestly because nothing should make you have sleepless nights.

Unless it’s something you’re really excited by. Certainly shouldn’t be worry, fear, doubt, concern, or frustration.

Yeah, it’s been a trip, man. Josh said to me the other day, I could not do what you do, you are handling this so well.

And it wasn’t until he said that I was like, you know what, frickin heck, I am. And it is all landing on me because I’m the CEO of this business. Josh does the financials, and Aaron does the project management.

And I was like, I have had to, you know, there are things that I didn’t do well and now I think I do really well but it has been a whole, over a year of going on this journey.

We are so close to finishing and I want them to be happy and I want us to be proud and I want all reputations to remain intact and communications to stay well ..and it is like three weeks until this project is done and dusted and shipped and frankly I can’t wait for Christmas.

So yeah, that was one of the biggest learning lessons of 2023.

Here’s Your Action Step:

It has not been my favourite year, but it has been a massive growth year, and those years are really great for us because that’s where we find the gold.

That’s where we start to chip away and uncover the diamond that truly wants to sparkle from underneath everything to emerge as this beautiful, bright, shining diamond, ready to sparkle and take on 2024.

If you want your business to sparkle in 2024, then I suggest that you go and grab my free one-page profitable business plan.

I have made this template free to you. It’s been fully updated with gorgeous life pilot branding, and lots of rainbow colours everywhere as well.

And it is epic. I personally use this template every single year to plan out my entire business. To understand my income projection what offers I’m going to put out there my expenses, my big goals, and the strategies and objectives to achieve those and it all fits on one page.

Honestly, it just gives me so much insight and it allows me to tweak and change and move things so that I get the business the lifestyle design-based business that I really want.

Head across to lifepilot.co/bizplan and grab it for yourself. It’s pretty epic.

And I love that so many people are already starting to download it because this thing works like we don’t need 40-page business plans.

You just need everything you can print out on one page. So, you know exactly what you’re doing in 2024 and you can be flexible if you need to change or pivot at any point.

So go grab that. Can’t wait for you to use it. All right. Much love.


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