Eps 31: Powerful questions to ask yourself to find the gold in 2023

November 13, 2023


I am so excited to talk about the power of questions to ask yourself to find the gold in 2023.

When you take time to reflect on what the year was really like for you, across all the important areas of life, you can get some stunning takeaways, lessons learned and perspective on everything.

So in this episode I share 18 questions that will lead you on a gold hunt and to find some real gems in the year that was.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The power of questions, reflection and the importance of looking back on the past year
  • 18 powerful questions that will guide you through your reflective process
  • Why reflecting on both positive and challenging experiences helps you shape a better future

Podcast Show Notes:

In my previous episode 29: My 2024 Business Plan Revealed we looked at planning out your entire profitable business plan for the year ahead. And I broke that down for you and gave you my free template for the One-page business plan of awesome.

In episode 30: 9 Business Moments I’m Celebrating from 2023, I talked about just the power of reflection in business and asking yourself what happened in 2023 that went well, what are you celebrating and what do you not want to take into 2024.

And today’s episode kind of plays on that theme just with one more. I guess a process for you to use. It’s my invite, my offer to you.

This is going to be about the fun and power of questions across your life. So, the last two episodes were more focused on business career, and this is more about the year that was from an entire holistic life perspective. So holistic just means it encompasses all of life and all of you.

Finding the Gold in 2023

I recently ran a bonus workshop for my beautiful Momentum members.

We’re going to cover off not only on how to set your big, dreamy goals and life intentions but also how to hold yourself accountable to making those happen. It is goal setting, manifesting, big dreaming.

It is focused on the six areas of life and life pilot. If you want to know more about it and join us, because I am so unbelievably excited about this intimate group coaching, accountability, and learning experience for you.

It is my brand-new baby, and I can’t wait to bring it into this world. I have already run two bonus workshops for people who signed up early and if you do sign up, you’ll actually get access to those.

One of them was just recently, and it was called How to Find the Gold in 2023.

So, what I’m actually going to do is I’m going to share the power of questions that I gave people as a prompt before we even got on the workshop.

It was so amazing and enlightening to see what this brought up for everybody because too often, we just race through a year and go, do, do, do, action, action, action, right?

Or procrastination, procrastination. And we simply don’t reflect back on and look at what we learned, what we’re proud of, or what we never want to be doing again.

I’ve had feedback from some of you on my last episode where I actually shared about the three things that were just a little bit more shitty in 2023, but that I had learned so much from, and yes, they’re still going on, but I have a game plan and I know where I’m heading.

I know that 2024 is going to be incredibly different because that is my intention for it. And that is what I have set up for it to be on many fronts.

I’ve learned so much from the toxic clients and the boundary setting from this year that I just know that it’s already going to have a positive impact on 2023, but that was more on the business personal growth front.

So, what about the rest of your life? What about your wealth creation? What about your relationships with your loved ones, with your friends, with your family, with your peers? What about your wellness?

You know, your mindset, your health, all of those things. What about your lifestyle, like your holidays, your intentions, your retreats, the way in which you actually live every day?

And what about your personal growth? What do you want for you in 2024?

And often looking back on what really happened in 2023 is where you will find the absolute gold, the answers for those things that you actively want to change and be different in 2024, and all the good things that you want to take with you because it’s not about dropping everything and starting afresh and recreating yourself.

It is about working with the power of questions to find the gold that you already have and continuing to polish the diamond that you are becoming.

The habits, the behaviours, the actions, and the thoughts that you want to ultimately have. To change you in 2024 to continue, to be your best self and live your best freaking life.

The Power of Questions:

Here are the questions to ask yourself:

What was the most surprising thing about 2023 for you?
What made you most happy?
What upset you most?
Where or to whom did you give most?
What is your biggest regret? I’m actually not a huge fan of looking at regrets, but it is important to look at like, what didn’t you do?

What didn’t happen and why was that so that you can avoid it and make sure it actually comes to fruition in 2024 and beyond? Because when they do studies of people who are happiest in life and live the longest, it’s usually because they don’t have any regrets and they did what they really really wanted in the moment.

And the people who are saddest are because they regret so much of the things that they never did because they were scared or worried or didn’t think they were enough or didn’t think they had enough time or money or all these things.

So that’s why what is your biggest regret is in here. You can actually learn a lot from it.

What is your biggest achievement? Yes, you get to celebrate you and come up with many if you wish. What do you wish you made more time for? And I really love the way this question is phrased because you actually get to, you know, spend your time how you want it. So it’s not saying what did you wish you had more time for because we all have the same amount of time.

Where did you make time for things that you really want to do and what didn’t you make time for that you wish you had?
What was your most proud moment?
What was the most exciting thing that happened?
What was the scariest thing?
What new skill did you learn?
What new habit did you create?
What new place or country did you visit?
What frustrated you most?
What inspired you?
Who did you inspire?
What new friends did you make?
What did you spend most of your time?

Aren’t these great questions?

I’m going to answer five in this episode today and just give you an insight, I guess, as to what has happened to me, so that you can do this for yourself and understand kind of, you know, how much detail you want to go into it.

But I would always just say go with what your heart says, your gut answer as well, your heart and your gut. What comes out quickest for you to appreciate the power of these questions?

Journal on it, grab a piece of paper, talk it out with a friend, you know, you could record an audio and listen back to yourself, but definitely give yourself some space and time to do this.

Go on a walk. You could ask yourself the questions, you know, just have them in front of you as you’re walking and then just say the answers out loud or think through them in your head, whatever works for you.

But do take this time to reflect because you will find so many beautiful learnings and lessons from it. It’ll amaze you.

Question #1. What was the most surprising thing about 2023 for you?

All right, so I’m going to go with the first one, which was what was the most surprising thing about 2023 for you? And little miss Pollyanna here, little miss optimistic is going to say just how freaking hard this year was.

Don’t get me wrong. There have been some magical moments and some beautiful times, some fun holidays, some crazy awesome, honestly, magical moments with Leonardo, and some really big wins in business.

But honestly, most of what I remember about 2023 is that it almost feels like very little flowed, which is very unlike how I live my life.

And I feel like there have been so many times where I’ve been pouring my energy into getting ahead and to getting back into my rhythm with this business, the other business, with lifestyle, with holidays, with growth, with learning.

And then something will just come in and derail or something will just be really sticky and I can’t move it forward.

And almost always it has never been within my control. So it’s always depending on or relying on or waiting for other people.

The lack of integrity of these people that I guess I have dealt with this year, particularly in the construction industry, there are some brilliant, amazing people in it, but the people that we just happened to work with this year.

Really made me realize that I have been hanging out with superior human beings who have massive integrity, really value their relationships, and really value the impact and the work that they do and how they show up in this world.

That unfortunately this year I was exposed to potentially what is more normal out there.

So that was just like a really disappointing thing to grapple with and to know that in many ways I have too. rework my expectations so that I am not so disappointed, so frustrated, so stressed out, so absolutely baffled by people’s reactions and work ethics and lack of integrity.

So that was the most surprising thing about 2023 and maybe it’s just it’s actually clouding out all the other incredible things happened this year.

But honestly, it’s just felt like a year in which I learned so much about how people operate or don’t operate, and how I can react or not react to that, and how I have to do everything in my power to just control what is within my abilities and focus on the impact and the goodness that I can do myself and not wait around for other people.

And if there are other people involved that I only allow them to impact me to the point that is necessary to get whatever it is accomplished. So not letting their attitudes, their energy, all those things impact everything else that I’m working on.

I mean, I did a pretty good job on that front, but it’s just made me realize that I need to be absolutely like tight on my boundaries and my energy in 2024 and who I will and won’t work with.

Thankfully on my business side and coaching clients and beautiful members of momentum, it has been an absolute freaking blessing to work with incredible people again. And that is where I want more of my energy to be in 2024.

Question #2. What do you wish you made more time for?

I’m actually going to say learning because whilst I did become a Certified holistic life coach this year, and that was a big chunk of learning, I kind of crammed it into, you know, a two-to-three-month period.

I did a little bit over four or five months, and then to actually get the certification and the timeline, I really ripped through it and put my all into it.

And there was something really fun and exciting about that. But I love continually learning and what I want is consistency in terms of reading books, listening to podcasts, continuing to upskill myself, and making moments every single week for learning. Because when I’m in that place, I get so inspired.

I have so much creative energy. It brings so much more to me and my business and therefore to my clients. And so whenever I’m learning, I get to essentially pass all that goodness and that richness on to others, and it’s this beautiful positive cycle, I guess, of leveling up.

So, I wish that I had made more time for even more learning because it really didn’t feel like a lot in the scheme of things.

Question #3. What new friends did you make?

I love this because, quality time is my love language and so it’s really important for me to deepen the existing friendships that I have and that was one of my intents in 2023, was to not necessarily make a whole lot of new friends, which gets harder as you get older and all those things, but was to deepen the friendships that I did have.

And interestingly, I actually met a bunch of new wonderful friends, especially through Leo’s Day Care, who are also mamas, and some of them are entrepreneurs, it surprised me how much those friendships have taken off, and how much energy we’ve all invested into each other, in a short space of time,.

Basically in the last six months, so, that’s been really beautiful, there’s probably sort of three to four key women in there who, it’s been a real pleasure to get to know. And I’ve also really deepened friendships with a couple of key incredible, again, women.

And I’m just so blessed to have them in my life, like we made time for each other, whether cafe visits, co-working sessions, we just made time to constantly be in each other’s presence and deepen our friendships.

Question #4. What is your biggest achievement?

This year, I’m a big fan of like actually celebrating that. And I feel like there’s been a lot of little achievements this year, but my biggest achievement is running two businesses and being the CEO of both.

Whilst being a very fully present mother. So that is no mean feat and I am constantly astounded by how freaking amazing women are.

No offense to the guys listening to this podcast, you’re awesome, but the amount of space and love and capacity and energy that women hold for everybody else, whilst trying to have successful careers, run businesses, run the household, just do everything is astounding to me.

And I actually feel like, as at the time of recording this, I have just gotten through COVID my first time ever getting it and it wasn’t that it was that bad, but it’s really hit me energy-wise.

And on top of that, our toddler fully reaching to toddlerville. It has just ground both Josh and I down and we are going on a holiday at the time of this recording for a full week offline with beautiful friends down by a lake and these eco retreats just hiking, gorgeous food, yoga, conversations, rest, relaxation, rejuvenation.

And I honestly can’t freaking wait because I realized that I am so in need of it like my body has literally been reacting in different ways and my thought patterns, everything has been so ground down over this last couple of weeks as a result of this entire year that I am physically absolutely in need of this break, like I have never experienced before in my life.

So just being full-on honest with you there, I can’t wait.

So yeah, coming back to it, I think the biggest achievement is actually making this happen all year despite the battles, the hurdles, and the stress to my nervous system, which I am so much more aware of now.

Like I am not a stressy anxious person, but I would say this year I have experienced more of what others must go through when, you’re in a bit of a pressure cooker.

I am so excited about what that means in 2024 for what I am bringing into my intentional calendar and how I’m going to make more space and time for meditation, yoga, nature, reading, Have and offline time as a result of what I’ve experienced this year.

Question #5. What was the most surprising thing about 2023 for you?

The power of questions I’ve answered myself over the last month has helped me tremendously to get a better perspective on the year that was.

So we have one more and I think I’m going to go for what was the most exciting thing that happened. I wouldn’t put 2023 down as exciting in the scheme of my life.

But the most exciting thing that happened I think was we, we built this stunning show home that I’m recording this episode from. in about three months, it was the smoothest build. It is absolutely gorgeous.

I’m super proud of it. We built it on our property, with our new project manager, with some fantastic builders.

It was a really positive experience, and it brings me joy every single day, but I’m still sometimes like immensely proud and kind of surprised when we complete builds given that we are not builders at all.

So obviously other people are doing it for us, but just that you can, start a company, take over a franchise.

Now I have two offices and it’s just incredible and people love it when they come to visit, and it just makes me happy.

But it was also really exciting because I project managed a lot of this and it was every day seeing the builders come, the plumbers, the electricians, and making things happen, ordering stuff, and just fully understanding what is involved, even in a small house.

So that was pretty exciting. And it was also three months on our property with just constant visitors and, things happening. I kind of actually liked that. And then I also liked the peace and quiet after.

All right, so I hope that that has been useful to come on that journey with me. I hope that you answer those questions for yourself.

Here’s Your Action Step:

Feel free to add in more, feel free to just pick the five or six questions that you like most and journal on them, share them with a friend.

Because in you doing that you will learn so much about yourself and that is what we want to consistently do because, through learning, we can adapt, we can change, we can finesse, we can upgrade, we can up level, we can fine-tune, and that is where the real gold is found and I wish for you to find all the gold in the world as you take it into 2024.

There will be one more episode of the Life Pilot podcast coming out next week. You might have noticed that in the last episode, one of the things that I reflected on in business was that I was proud that I got this podcast out every single week in 2023 from when I started it.

And then I missed it last week because of COVID. I was like, huh, the irony. This is me just saying there will be a podcast episode next week, but it’ll probably be on a new time and day, bringing it a little bit earlier into the week.

So you have all week to listen to it, as well as the weekend. If you enjoyed this episode, do me a favor and share it with somebody.

Share it through Apple, through Spotify, whatever you’re listening to, Stitcher, or just share it to your socials.

Let people know about this episode so that they can come and do this exercise for themselves because I truly believe if more of us were reflecting on who we are, what we’ve done, what we can celebrate, and how far we’ve come. We will be in a much better place for it.

The more you know yourself and what you can bring to this world, the more everybody benefits. With that, I’m going to say farewell, I’m off for a fantastic holiday, I can’t wait.

I’ll be down at Queenstown, Glenorchy Way, the most stunning part of, well one of the most stunning places in New Zealand, not going to lie, with beautiful people and I can’t wait and I wish you the same depending on where you’re at in your holiday, where you’re at in your life and I really hope that you’re going to give yourself the gift of rest and reflection this holiday season.

All right. Much love.

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