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April 8, 2023



Want to know what the LifePilot video podcast is all about and what I’ll be discussing each week to help you turn you dreams into reality one day at a time?

Then watch or listen in to this trailer to learn more about how LifePilot was born and how you can create your ideal lifestyle!


Well, hey and welcome. It’s Natalie Sisson and you are listening to the Brand New Life Pilot podcast. So what can you expect?

Well, this is a little trailer to tell you what’s coming up on this podcast and what it’s about and who it’s for.

Essentially life pilot is a tool and a methodology that my husband and I Josh built about six years ago when I was feeling pretty lost, for the first time in my life.

I have always been a go-getter. I have always been a goal setter. I have always been very intentional about how I live my life and what I wanna do and what do I wanna achieve.

And it was the end of an era for me. I had come back from being away from New Zealand for 10 years living out of a suitcase, building my multiple six figure business, The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

I was settling back in New Zealand, being with family and basically going through a bit of a change. I was on a business sabbatical and I was reimagining everything.

I decided to pause my business because it didn’t feel in alignment to be the Suitcase Entrepreneur if I wasn’t traveling the world, running an online business.

I also felt like it was time for a change to be working on something new and make an impact in a new way. And I was just considering all the things right?

Like when you’ve been traveling around the world for so long and so much of your identity is in this really successful business with a huge community and wonderful people.

You start to have all these moments and doubt yourself, especially when you take a break from it.

I sat with it for a long time and I thought about my skills and my experiences and what I loved doing and what I was bored of doing, or what I was finding was a bit more like the hustle and grind in my business.

But I wanted to take all the great things from that experience and 10 years in entrepreneurship and to figure out what was next for Natalie Sisson.

And I just remember being, as I said, quite lost. Like for once, I didn’t have these huge ambitious goals. I’d spoken at TEDx. I had been paid to speak on stages around the world.

I’d written two bestselling books by then. I had done amazing physical pursuits like biking down Africa and Dragon boating across the English channel and setting world records and playing ultimate Frisbee.

I’d been living a really fulfilling, amazing life. And here I was like, well, what next? ? And this was my first time in a, a relationship for a long time as well.

Things were getting serious and we’d just bought this big, beautiful property on about two and a half acres of land.

I’d got my first puppy, which I had always wanted a dog. For people who know me, I have always been dog sitting and playing with every single dog on my travels around the world, taking care of them.

And finally, I had one for me. And I remember thinking this is pretty much perfect. Like, this is what I feel I need.

But is there more? Is there more to give? Is there more to be in service of? Is there more impact I can make? Are there more books on the horizon?

Is there a a brand new professional career or thing that I need to learn and teach and put out into the world? What else do I want to do? What adventures do I want to go on?

This is how life Pilot was born. Josh and I were walking along the streets of Melbourne in June 2017.

We were there on a trip and we just started asking each other questions that had built up really from years and maybe decades worth of being both into personal growth and learning.

That’s one of our highest values and why we get on so well, is that we love to learn and push ourselves and stretch ourselves. We were asking ourself prompts and questions that are really, really good when you are feeling lost or you’re wanting to just shake things up and get to the heart of what is important.

And from that, we then took those questions and we walked and talked through parks and along the city, which one of my favourite cities in the world is Melbourne, Australia.

Then we came home and we jotted down some of the ideas that had come from that, and from there came, well, how do we apply this to all areas of life?

Not just what do I wanna do next in business or in my career, but what about our health and what about our money and what do we want in our relationship and what impact do we wanna make?

So we set up these categories of life and then we set goals and brainstormed for these different areas of life. And from that, magic came the very minimum viable product of LifePilot.

We decided to call it LifePilot because it’s all about taking control and piloting your life to where you want it to go and what you want it to be and what you wanna do, be and have.

Six years later we have iterated it and improved it. We have, at the time of recording this, a sexy spreadsheet, which is colour coded and kind of cool and kind of geeky, but it really does help you maintain focus and set priorities for what’s really important to you.

And along with this tool, we also had the methodology, which was much more about reflection and asking the questions and every single week going back on what you did and didn’t achieve or how you.

And then really setting those intentions and goals going forward every week, every month, every quarter, every year, and even into a big three year vision that we call Life Canvas.

This tool has helped us immensely for the last six years. It has been our guiding beacon through life. It has showed us what is really important to us.

It has definitely showed us what is not. When you see a goal week after week after week, not being hit, you suddenly challenge yourself and ask ‘was that actually the right goal? Is it even important?’

Most of the time it’s not. Then you get to dig deep using some of our prompts and methods to really go, well, why am I missing this all the time? Or, Why am I not setting time to do this? Why is it not a priority? What’s really under underlying all this that I can get to the heart of?

It’s also then helped our friends, because we would talk about it every Sunday. We’d go on a walk and talk or a cafe visit, and we’d do our LifePilot reflection for the week, and our friends were really curious.

They could see that we were very aligned in our life and we were really hitting some big milestones and goals, but more importantly, living with intention and being very intentional about how we wanted to live individually and as a couple.

So we shared it with our friends and they started using it and they really liked it and then more people were interested. So we turned it into a simple tool that you could use and a live cohort of teaching about 30 wonderful people around the world, through my community who loved it and used it and gave us feedback.

We iterated and iterated, and over 200 plus people have been through LifePilot since we put it out there publicly.

And hence why here we are with the LifePilot Podcast and YouTube channel and all the goodness because it’s time for LifePilot to be bigger.  To be bigger than both of us, to be bigger than just what we individually wish for it, but to really transform your life and hundreds, or thousands of lives around the world because we know it works.

And the beauty of LifePilot is the simplicity of it actually and the ritual behind it. So I’ll be sharing more about that, in this show, in this podcast, so that you can start to deep dive into whether you want to use it or elements of it for yourself.

And I’m gonna be discussing all those areas of life that you may want to really start focusing on and having a really good look at holding that magnifying glass up and saying: “Is my relationship or are my relationships with friends, families, partners, lovers, what I want them to be? How is my wellbeing?”

That’s health, that’s spiritual. That’s your mindset. What does my money situation look like? What would I really like there? What about my profession, my business, my career, my impact? What is happening there?

These are just a couple of the six main categories that make up LifePilot. And I also just wanna be talking to you about experiments in lifestyle design and really truly owning what you truly, truly, truly want out of life.

Because why should you let life happen to you when you can direct it to the intention and purpose that you really want to have?

Most of the time I find that people don’t actually know what that is, which is scary. When you think about this is your life, right? So let’s get you onboard and truly leaning into what would make your life epic.

Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year, but starting today, how can you start bringing in more moments of beauty, peace, energy, equilibrium, fun, spontaneity, adventure, success right now, not tomorrow.

That’s what LifePilot podcast is about. So if you have stumbled across this, please subscribe. Please share it with your friends, and stay tuned for this podcast.

But most importantly, I’m just here to make your life a little bit more beautiful, a little bit happier and really just show you.

What is possible for you when you put your mind to it and live life by design. Thanks so much for tuning in. It’s gonna be a blast to go on this journey together.


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