Eps 008: Step into being the pilot of your own life

June 6, 2023


Do you feel like you’re the passenger in your life or like you’re the rock star pilot of your own life, directing you exactly where you want to go?

I hope it’s the latter as that means you are truly in charge of directing your energy, focus and attention to the things that matter most to you in life.

You’re the pilot of your ideal life, steering you towards your big goals, dreams and desires with a clear plan of how to get there and the journey you need to go on.

So what do you do when it doesn’t feel like that, when you feel like a passenger with no control, going along with everyone else? How do you change this up? What questions do you ask yourself?

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What major decisions I’ve made in the last week after realising I was being a passenger, not a pilot
  • The powerful questions you can use to assess whether you’re the pilot of your life
  • 3 major things I’m changing to make my life easier, more in flow and happier all round.

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Let me ask you a question. Do you feel like you’re the passenger in your life or like you’re the rock star pilot directing you exactly where you want to go. Focusing on all the things that you want to do and heading straight to that destination of your ideal life. Because if you’re like me, I realized just in the last week, that I’ve been hanging out in the passenger terminal. Rather than in the pilot’s lounge. So let’s dive into this.

Hey, it’s Natalie Sisson and you are listening to episode eight of the LifePilot podcast. LifePilot is all about turning your dreams into reality. And it is a very cool tool and methodology that my husband and I created over six years ago, that really works. It’s part, life planning, part, goal, setting part big picture, vision manifesting yet. It is so simple and powerful to implement. If you want to check it out, hit to life. pilot.co. Where you can actually become a life pilot member from just $19 a month. Total bargain.

All right. Let’s dive into this episode. First off the snap and audio only podcasts. And I think that has been the single biggest and best decision that I have made for myself in the last week. So let me set the scene and also share with you why this may be something that you need to look at in your own life.

So when I started this podcast LifePilot, I started it as a video podcast because I was like, it’s great for people to connect and see your face. I want to do something different. I’ve done an audio podcast since 2012. And once I came back from maternity leave, I was like, I want something different.

I would really love to connect that way. What I underestimated is that if you’re putting out a video podcast on YouTube, there’s this whole thing around the algorithm and posting every single week. And suddenly it became more of a stressor than a thing that I was motivated to do.

On top of that, it was the fact that I was editing both the video podcast and an audio podcast and publishing a blog post.

And right now I’m doing this myself because I promised that for the first 10 episodes, I would do all these roles and then I would outsource it. I think it’s really good for you to get back in the seat of your own business to drive things along, to know how it works to create the systems and then to hand it over.

I found that my time that I had actually set aside to run this LifePilot business to start growing it essentially from scratch, it feels like but to start getting back into the online business world that I have loved and mastered for so many years.

I didn’t really have over four hours each time to do this. In addition to doing all the other things that you need to run a business. And I also didn’t really have the capacity or the energy or the desire to be mucking around with tech for that long, even though I was getting it down you know, quite efficiently.

And I was also having all these tech issues now. I am not a girl who has tech issues. So when you have them weekend and week out, and yes, I’m using an awesome new AI tool and there were a bunch of things probably related to my computer and stuff, but. I often think that sign, right?

Like if tech is playing up that much or making your life hard and you’re losing files or it’s taking ages to export or just things are going wrong. I’m like, “Hmm. Is this the sign from the universe that I should make things easier?”

Coupled with that, our Fraemohs Homes, sustainable home building business has been picking up pace a lot and I’ve been spending a lot more time in it so much so that I was squeezing down the amount of time that I really had for LifePilot.

And then as you might’ve heard in previous episodes, when I’ve talked about like our intentional calendar and how we kind of fit everything into our week to work around our beautiful son, Leo and our three startup businesses, even as I was saying that, I was like, why do we have three startup? businesses we crazy was a little, almost two year old toddler.

And so I got to last week and I just felt like something had to give and I was in a bit of a rut. And I was no, to be honest, I was in a bad rut I was throwing a whole lot of things up in the air. I was questioning a bunch of stuff around relationship around. Partnership around businesses around like just everything in my personal life and us as a family and just going, oh my goodness.

And I got on a call with my dear friend, Jamie masters, who we try to catch up all the time. Usually works out like every one or two months. And she has been a long-term bestie since pretty much I started my podcast and we met and around. 2012. Uh, so there you go way back then and you should check her out eventual millionaire.

And she’s just as such an incredible coach. And instead of just having a friends catch up about life and love and all the good things, she just went into coaching mode because that’s what she does. And she loves to help. And she asked some really illuminating yet basic questions that I had failed to ask myself on this new journey. So when I said, I want to go all in, on LifePilot at the start of the year. To be honest. I don’t really know what that meant. I know I wanted to build out the LifePilot app so that we can replace the spreadsheet that we have. I wanted to redo the entire curriculum of the course that goes with it to help you understand how to use it. Even though it’s quite simple to get to grips with.

The habit and the rhythm and flow of LifePilot, that makes it so spectacular takes more time to embed, right? Like anything. And so I wanted to redo that whole thing, which I’ve actually completed and I’m really proud of it. And it’s amazing and awesome. And it is now out there as a live course, that’s actually happening right now, but you’re able to access it as a LifePilot member. If you head to lifepilot.co.

And I’ve included more templates and resources and a paper-based version and all these things that I’ve just been wanting to do for years. So from that perspective, I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved and I know it can only get better and now I want to get it out there to a lot of people to help them literally change their life.

However. Jamie asked me how much fun are you having in this business? And I was like, well, actually not much. I feel like I have to turn up every single week with a podcast.

I have to be on video and it’s not like a, you know, do a lot to look great on video and it doesn’t really bother me, but it just feels pushed or like forced every week, instead of me coming up with a ton of content in advance and just being able to riff on that and talk about topics that I’m really interested in.

Ones that relate to LifePilot, but that I’m personally going through myself that you might resonate with and gain some insights from and learn from, and maybe teach me a lesson or two about.

And it really wasn’t feeling fun. It was very much feeling like a head to turn up because of this YouTube channel that I was trying to launch and this whole thing around algorithm and commitment and continuity.

And I’ve always been really great at creating content that is a value and having a really disciplined approach to putting it out. But suddenly it felt like, you know what? I feel like I’m a different person. I am a different person.

I am a very different person since having my son. There are different ways that I want to live my life at the things are more important to me. There’s things that I want to prioritize more than being disciplined around content. I want to have fun with it.

I want to talk about the topics that I’m interested in, that I’m learning about that as I said, you might be able to learn from too, and they’re all going to be relevant and they’re hopefully going to be like really useful, but I want to do them on my own terms.

I might want to have a really regular podcast in reality, I will, but I also might want to do two episodes a week and some weeks I might just want to skip one. Like last week you might’ve noticed no podcast. I had zero desire and frankly also no quiet time to release a podcast.

I didn’t have a topic in mind. I was unenthused. I was unmotivated. Instead I went on a call with my friend, Jamie, and she gave me this kick ass coaching lesson.

So she said on a scale of zero to 10, how much fun are you having with LifePilot? And I was like a four. And she’s like, well, how much fun are you having with Fraemohs Homes? And I was like, I reckon it’s like a six and a half to seven because I’m still in such a learning phase with it.

But it is getting easier and I’m starting to ramp up and I’m saying to see the possibilities and I really want to make it an amazing business for us. And she said, okay, great.

Then what’s the purpose behind LifePilot? Like, did you do it, did you start it again for the money or, you know, the notoriety or to access and more creativity.

And I was like, what? It was probably a bit of all of those things, but actually that’s not how it was turning out. So I wanted to get back into my creative content creation zone and my learning zone. And I do love that and I’ve loved putting together the curriculum again, but it was feeling like a pressure and a chore versus something I wanted to do.

And yeah, ultimately she then asked me, what’s the purpose behind it? And I realized that since essentially closing up my business before I went on maternity leave and closing up the 1$10K Club, which was a brilliant offering and I loved it and I love the women in it and I miss it.

I haven’t come back to my big mission. So my mission back then, was to help 1000 women earn $10K a month. And essentially make an impact on others and their own lives. It was a much better mission than that, but you get the sum of it.

And with LifePilot, I haven’t come up with my big juicy mission. I did actually write in a document when I was going through like a business planning session through at Elise Darma, another awesome entrepreneur that I love and who I’m thankful to call a friend and who right now is highly pregnant. So she’s about to come into my world. And I’m really curious to see how everything plays out for her.

She has a much different business than mine, much bigger, big team and everything, but I’m really curious to see how she handles having a little one in her life and how it changes her as an entrepreneur and in the way she wants to show up. I was doing one of her business planning sessions because I’m like, I run these things. It’s always really nice to have somebody else run one for you.

And one of the questions was.

The mission of my business is to…, and I’ve obviously done this, my $10K Club members. And I was like, oh yeah, I need to do this for myself. Funny that I hadn’t done that yet.

So here I wrote my mission is to help people design and live the lifestyle of their dreams by giving them the clarity. Confidence tools and methods to make this a reality every day.

Now, as I read that, I’m like, that’s pretty freaking awesome and that’s pretty on point, but for some reason I’d lost my mission in amongst this, like every time. And I was showing up each week, like, ah, what am I going to put out?

I’d kind of lost sight of that mission. And another thing that I hadn’t really factored in is that it’s all very well and good to say, Hey, I’m going to do a video podcast, but to choose to do that at this stage of my life, with these other startups and a young toddler in my life was just in short I think a poor decision.

I might have an awesome YouTube channel and two or three or four years. Or I might choose to help my husband create his and cheer him on from the sidelines.

There are some things that you want in your life at certain times, and there are some things that you don’t, and I just want to make this easy and I want to make it fun. And I know that my energy has already shifted just in making this decision to turn up with an audio only podcast.

So it still is available on YouTube, but it won’t have me flailing my hands around and putting in some fancy B roll so that you have some fun visuals. It’ll just be an audio and you can listen to. It there, if you choose to. And I am all good with that because it is just another place in which to reach people and another platform for them to be able to find LifePilot.

So that was one big decision. The second big decision that I made. And again, I’m just saying this because I really want you to assess where you’re at in your life.

Right now. It’s actually taken doing all these episodes and. Sharing our intentional calendar and sharing our weekly reviews and actually stepping up more into LifePilot ourselves, because when you’re renewing something, you’re kind of like get reinvigorated about it yourself.

And so we’ve been really dissecting a lot of this stuff for ourselves and we realized, you know what, this has enough hobby time in our intentional calendar.

So for example, tomorrow, Josh and I are going to go and play tennis. Because we just don’t have shared hobbies together anymore. And we’d really like to, and it’s a part and parcel of redesigning our life now that we have a family.

And how do we connect as a couple? How do we do family things together and how do we as individuals do things that we really enjoy and make sure that they’re a part of our life.

So that was another thing that we did is add in space and time for dates and hobbies during the day versus in the evening, because frankly it’s easier when Leo is at daycare to be able to do that and to design our life around that. And Josh really likes to work in the evening and I really like to get up early and do exercise and get into work there.

So it kind of works for us. Which is great because that’s what you need to design your life to make it work for you.

The third thing that I did, which has been quite critical and awesome is I really leaned into those questions that Jamie was asking me and realized I want to one get paid for the work I do as a director of Fraemohs Homes and because it’s a startup, we haven’t been drawing a salary or paying ourselves.

And I realized it was high time given I was doing probably 80% of the work that I needed to get paid for it. And we needed to run this as a, as a proper business. And the minute I did that and Josh said, well, you know, you really can step into the CEO role because it is essentially a business that you’re running most of the time.

I decided, yeah, I do need to step up into that CEO role and that starting this week, I just feel like this new engaged energy around it. It is now like I’m treating it as my business, that Josh is part of the team and Aaron is part of the team and essentially it’s my role as a CEO to drive this business and grow it.

It also got me hungry for, you know, finding new clients, closing sales, and making it as awesome as possible. And it’s also given me an income back, which I feel like I haven’t really had for the better part of two years.

And taking that time off to look after Leo and then start a startup and not pay myself for that time. So it’s huge on so many fronts, like it’s an identity shift and it is a positive one towards something that I know I’m really good at.

Now I’ve got the zest and energy behind it. And LifePilot gets to become my. hobby business. If there is such a thing I’m going to call it a hobby business, a fun thing that I turn up to, to add value to.

And if I create some income along the way, and if I change and transform some people’s lives through LifePilot and this brand new app that we’re bringing out really soon.

Then that is awesome, but it’s not a necessity. It’s not something I need to drive and grow it as purely something that I get to do for love. And because I know it will make an impact. So that is me stepping into being a pilot rather than a passenger. This is a pretty big deal. And I would love to know how this is showing up for you in your life.

Where are you being a passenger?

And where are you being a pilot? And there might be some areas of your life that you are totally crushing it as a pilot, you are driven and you are effective and you’re on track.

Then there might be some where you’re kind of sitting back in the plane and just letting it go wherever. And you’re not really having a say in it and you’re not designing anything around it and you’re not actually focusing on what it is that you want.

You just kind of, you know, you’re getting the table service and you’re watching the videos that they play on the screen in front of you, and you’re sitting next to all these other people who all sort of just “Okay. Yeah, we’re going this route, but we don’t really know. We’re not in control. We’re not in charge. We’re just here for the ride.”

You know, sometimes it’s nice to be a passenger, not to let you lie, but when it comes to your life and designing it and what you really truly want out of it. Ask yourself, where are you sitting back and just being a passenger and where do you need to actually get out of it? So you’d walk up to the front and take over the pilot controls.

And fly that baby to wherever you want to fly to and set yourself free. Like, I feel so much lighter. So much freer from making these simple decisions. Well, there were actually quite hard decisions to make. But in reality, when I speak them out loud to you, when I spoke them out loud to one of my mastermind friends, Andrew, when I spoke at back to Jamie, when I talked about it to Josh it just made so much sense.

Why was I pushing in all these areas when I didn’t need to. Because. I wasn’t being a very good pilot is the reality of it. I was maybe being a pretty poor apprentice. A co-pilot that wasn’t a great copilot. So. I just want you to think about these areas of your own life, where you’re doing this. I would love for you to actually really ask yourself those questions.

How much fun am I having on a scale of zero to 10? The thing that I’m doing, that’s maybe causing the most stress. Is it a hell? Yes. Or is it something you feel like you have to do? You’ve told yourself you need to do other people told you to do. Why, why are you still doing it? If that’s the case?

And the third thing to ask yourself is you. Why did I start this? What is the purpose behind this? And does that purpose still speak to me? Do I need to refresh it? Do I need to realign? Is it completely wrong or do I just need to. Jump on a new plane pilot it somewhere else.

So that’s what I have for you my friends. How to step into being the pilot of your life. It actually comes down to asking some pretty basic questions. And I hope that you can ask those of yourself. You can check the transcript of this, if it helps you out across at lifepilot.co/008.

That’s where this episode will be. And I really hope that you are able to share it with somebody who you might feel as being a bit of a passenger in their own life. Right now. And if not,

Just digest it. Assess it. Think about it for yourself. Take a weekend. Take a weekend off and just really think about where you’re showing up in your areas of life right now and how that feels for you. And if they are all good, then I am so thrilled for you. You certainly do not need LifePilot and.

Looking for a little bit more guidance. And you need to understand how to prioritize what really matters to you. And as you can hear in this podcast, I’m like using my own tool to come to these decisions and have these enlightening moments.

So I am definitely a Guinea pig of my own tool. And I think you always need to be, you need to be the person who is learning and growing and expanding and asking those questions. And many of our prompts in LifePilot that you get to ask yourself every single week get you to think more deeply about what you’re really doing so that you’re not just letting life pass you by and you’re truly taking control of what it is that you most deeply desire.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. It’s so much fun to be behind the mic, talking to you, just you as if you’re hearing me through your headphones, listening in you’re here with me on the journey.

And I don’t have to be on camera. I can just talk into this beautiful microphone and reach you. Thank you so much again for listening. Thanks for being on this journey. Would really love for you to let me know if this episode resonated you can find me at Natalie Sisson on Instagram. And I really look forward to you piloting your own life.


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