Eps 004: Goal Setting made easy

May 3, 2023


Goal setting. You either love it or you hate it. It either works for you or it’s never worked for you, or you just get frustrated with it and lose interest, and that’s what I’m gonna reveal to you in today’s Life Pilot podcast.

That is goal setting made easy!

Yep. I’m gonna take you behind the scenes of how life Pilot works and how we use our tool and methodology to set goals that are actually meaningful and that actually work as in you like them, you achieve them, and they move you towards the life that you truly desire.

So if that sounds good to you, then watch this video now! Or click listen above or read on below.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The simple yet powerful LifePilot Methodology for setting goals
  • The Power of 3 and why it works and you’ll stick with it
  • How to experience LifePilot LIVE for 30 days in May. Hint: Details are at https://lifepilot.co

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Goal setting. You either love it or you hate it. It either works for you or it’s never worked for you, or you just get frustrated with it and lose interest, and that’s what I’m gonna reveal to you in today’s Life Pilot podcast.

Yep. I’m gonna take you behind the scenes of how life Pilot works and how we use our tool and methodology to set goals that are actually meaningful and that actually work as in you like them, you achieve them, and they move you towards the life that you truly desire.

So if that sounds good to you, then stick with me.

So the whole reason that I started the LifePilot podcast was actually to share some insights and behind the scenes from our tool and methodology, and I find that giving personal examples really helps people to learn.

Plus, I’m pretty damn excited about this because I’ve been doing it for close to six and a half years with some incredible results and transformation for both me, my husband, my family.

Just on every level, right? So what I’m gonna do is actually talk you through our LifePilot quarterly, monthly, and weekly goal setting, and give you examples of what we’ve done this week in terms of setting our goals.

The beginning of a month is always a special time for me, so if you’re listening to this at the beginning of May, then. Fantastic. This will be very, very fresh.

I love the start of a month because it’s a fresh start. It’s a fresh slate, and we get to set our new monthly goals.

We do this by looking at our quarterly goals. We also do this by talking through what went well last month.

What would’ve gone better if we’d been maybe more focused on what we were wanting to do, what bits of life got in the way, what bits of life surprised and excited us?

We take ourselves through this methodology of reflection, really great prompts and active listening, and also looking at patterns and behaviours of what’s setting us up for success and maybe what’s derailing us.

And by us, I’m talking about my husband Josh, and it still seems really strange to call my husband cause we only got married at the end of 2022.

So, If I slip into partner, then that’s why. We co-created LifePilot together around six and a half years ago when I was feeling particularly lost.

It has become an incredibly integral part of our life. LifePilot is like, inbuilt into our habits now. It’s a rhythm, it’s a ritual.

It’s really helped guide us throughout those years on what’s truly important to us and what matters. And it’s also shown us where we completely fail when we set goals.

In the past, we used to look at the data in our geeky spreadsheet and go, oh my gosh, look at all those misses. Why do we keep setting this type of goal when it’s clearly not important to us or we don’t wanna hit it?

It also showed us what our strengths were and what we were really good at, and what types of goals or intentions move the needle for us.

How LifePilot Works

I’m gonna share how Life Pilot works really, really simply. We’re building an app at the time of recording this. I’m really excited. Josh is building it, and it’s gonna make it even clearer than our geeky colour coded spreadsheet.

But essentially what you do is you start with (in a beautiful world) your quarterly goals. So you look ahead at the next three months, the next 90 days, and you say, what really needs to happen to make my life awesome.

You look at the six areas of life that we focus on in life pilot, and these are:

Growth: That’s personal growth, personal development, your mindset.

Connections, that’s relationships, socializing, your relationship with your partner, with your family, with your friends.

Wellbeing. So that is health, that’s workouts, exercise, spirituality. It’s all about the holistic aspect of how you are feeling and your wellbeing.

Wealth, so your financials, your investments, the abundance in your life, or maybe lack of abundance depending on where you’re at.

Work, and so that might be work. In a professional life, that can be entrepreneurship, that can be in your business side, hustles whatever you do for work and impact.

And the sixth one is lifestyle. So for that we mean your actual lifestyle, your day-to-day living, your holidays, retreats, birthdays,  hobbies, all those sorts of things that make up your everyday life and general lifestyle that you like to live.

So those are our six categories in Lifepilot.

Then we look at our quarterly goals. So we already have set out what we want for the year, the three biggest intentions of how we want to show up, how we want to be, what we want to do, and what we want to have- more on that in a future episode.

However, for these purposes, we’ve got a pretty clear idea of what’s important to us in this year. 2023 if you’re listening or watching right now.

And then we go, ‘Great. Based off that, what is best for the next quarter?’

So I’m gonna share with you my quarterly goals. So this is April, may, and June. So we’ve just started into the second month of this quarter.

I have a work goal I should say, of run a profitable live cohort of the new LifePilot. Program. So yes, I am a relaunching LifePilot.

We used to run it as a live cohort. We called it the 30 Day Challenge, and I’m actually calling it Life Pilot Live 30 Day Experience because I appreciate not everybody always wants a challenge.

And actually it’s about experiencing LifePilot for yourself over 30 days where we introduce the system, the method, the tool, how to set really great goals and intentions for a quarter, a month and a week.

How to use Life Canvas, which is our big picture life canvas tool for planning out your future vision, how to use an intentional calendar so this actually gets done and you achieve stuff and you feel like a rockstar. And finally, how to pull it all together.

If you’re interested in that. And that sounds good please head across to lifepilot.co.

There is a wait list right there and further details about exactly what’s included.

Every single week it’s gonna be epic, but that is one of my quarterly goals is to have an epic launch of the LifePilot 30 day live experience. So that’s one.

The second one that I have is a growth goal, and that is to complete at least 60% of my life coaching certificate.

So yeah, I’m studying to become a life coach. I actually am studying because I would really like a certification in coaching. I

have been a business coach and probably a life coach for the better part of 12 years, but I’ve never been certified in it.

I think when you’re a business coach, it’s actually quite easy if you’ve done well in business, to be able to show people where they can grow and specific strategies for what they can do in their business.

For me, the focus has always been on women entrepreneurs and I know my shit and I get them to take action and I get them to move outta their own way.

So I have absolutely no problems with not having credentials in business coaching because my, I guess the testimonials and the results that I’ve gotten myself and clients speak for themselves.

Now in the life coaching aspect again you know, there’s, I don’t know how many life coaches out there, and some of them are incredible, I’m sure, and others look like they literally just got out of high school.

And I know that a lot of people will question how much life experience do they have, but ultimately, coaching is about being a really great listener and asking the right questions to get the most out of the person.

And while I do think having a lot of life experience behind you helps you to be an amazing coach, I don’t think it’s a necessity for it.

Anyway, that’s just my little rant on that, I guess. So I am training with the Mind Body Holistic Institute. , an incredible course so far, and I’m just not getting to it as much as I want because why? I have a toddler.

We have four businesses between us and there’s quite a lot going on as well as getting this LifePilot launch out.

One of my intentions in this quarter is to get through 60% of that course, not 100%. And the third goal that I had, I actually snuck in two business or work goals for this quarter.

Normally, I would have spectrum of colour. My rule is that you should set no more than three goals for the quarter, but typically I always have one from each area of life.

You’re not allowed to double up, but this is a big quarter, so. I’m going for two in the business and that’s because we have, well I have two businesses, and

Goal 3 is is for Fraemohs Homes, which is our sustainable home building franchise that we have. And I have put in a big goal there actually to get three design deposits.

A design deposit is when a client signs on board and wants to have one of our houses built, and the design deposit is the very first start of it. So it’s kicking off the relationship with them and hopefully getting them to a point where they’ll sign a contract and we will build a beautiful house for them.

However, terms and conditions in New Zealand have just made it pretty bloody tough for quite a while. People have been scared away from building houses, high interest rates. Looming recession. Super, super low sales in the market out there. Costs going up to actually do all these things.

And so, you know, like many countries around the world, it’s been pretty trying times, however, things are looking up, things are gaining momentum, and so I’ve got it on my goals list to sign three design deposits in the quarter.

Now, some of that is outta my control, but a lot of it is within my control. And I would say one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about setting goals is attempt to set a goal that is actually under your control where possible.

Here’s an example of a goal where it’s not in your control. Win lotto, like win the lottery. I mean that’s just leaving it to chance, right?!

I know it’s a bit of a goofy, fun tongue in cheek one, but the a number of times that I’ve set a goal that is dependent on many other people and many other things coming off in order for me to make it successful is a lot.

And it’s really disappointing. So these days I stick to goals that I can achieve and that I have the most possible influence over the outcome.

And in this case, it’s totally, actually possible, depending on the number of leads that we have, the number of conversations with potential clients, the number of show home visits that I can do, and just the number of calls follow up and marketing that I’m willing to commit to over the next three months.

Plus, I love hustling in this space. I love selling. I love making people’s dreams come true and giving them their dream home.

So pretty confident on that. And at the time of recording this, I actually just signed one of those deposits, so I have been celebrating and I have been dancing cuz you’ve always gotta celebrate your wins.

Now those are my three quarterly goals. Let me just repeat them.

  1. Run a profitable live cohort of the New LifePilot 30 day live challenge. It’s a business goal
  2. Complete at least 60% of a life coaching certificate. It’s a growth goal.
  3. Close three new design deposits for Fraemohs Homes -it’s a business goal.

On that last one, I could actually say that that is a wealth goal because that will considerably impact our, our financials. So, you know, it depends how you wanna create that focus.

How does that then merge into, or lead into me setting my monthly goal?

So, On the weekend, Josh and I set our monthly goals for the month ahead, and it was so much easier to do because of our system, because we’ve been doing it for so long.

Because you basically look at the quarterly goals and you go ‘What is possible now?’

Breaking those down or thinking about the next month on what I can actually achieve to hit those goals? Doesn’t always have to be related to the three goals that you set in the quarter, but typically it’s aligned.

And what I mean by that is I have a health goal in May. That is obviously not part of my quarter, but for the month of May, I am focusing big time on my health. I am going sugar free and alcohol free. And so far, so good.

On a fun note, I actually made a carrot cake with frosting on it just last night for dinner at friends. And then I realized that I wasn’t gonna be able to have a piece of it because that’d be breaking my commitment to myself.

And, that’s not what I’m about. So, sugar and alcohol-free May is a wellbeing goal, and I could have put that I wanna do four workouts a week.

I could have put different other things, but instead I’ve gone with an intention behind fuelling my body in the best possible way. Cool. So that’s my first goal for me.

My second is launch the redesign and Improved LifePilot live challenge. So that is definitely happening cause it’s launching on the 23rd of May.

That is a given because I’m launching in this month. It’s a goal that I, I must hit, I guess if I wanna stay in integrity and because I’m really excited to, let’s face it. Countdown’s on.

The third goal is to complete the next 25% of my life coaching certificate.

I haven’t gone for half or more, I’ve just gone for 25%. Okay. Just 25%, which is about a module and a half of the six big modules that are involved.

Can I get that done in a month? You betcha.

That is like, 20 minutes watch time once a week, or that’s taking some time out in one evening to myself and watching the whole module and doing the actual work and the homework.

So that feels really doable over a month. If I tried to set that for a week, I’d probably be, yeah, I’d be pushing it right. That would feel just quite a lot for me at this point in my life with everything that is going on.

And it’s all about balance because we’re all about lifestyle design here.

So how does that translate into my weekly goals, might you ask?

Oh, that’s a great question. So I will read these right off for you. I want to,

I have a business goal of finalize the copy for the Life Pilot homepage. It’s finalized people head across and have a look at it.

I wanted to batch two podcasts for Life Pilot. This is one of them. Can I get another one before the end of the week? I think so.

Will I forgive myself if I don’t.

Definitely, because batching is all about getting ahead of yourself. So if I get this one done, I have like 50% there and I’ll feel really good and I’ll uphold the fact that this is a weekly podcast.

Done is better than perfect people. That’s where we’re at. And the third is no surprises here. Do the next life coaching module and some homework.

So these, as you can see from the quarterly to the monthly to the weekly, and that’s how it looks on my screen from our app. That is how I am transposing out what’s really important this week to get done.

I hope that makes sense. I hope it kind of gives you an insight into why I think a lot of goal setting and life planning tools just don’t work because they’re either focused on the super big picture or they’re focused on the meticulous detailed in the moment right now.

It’s really hard to look three months ahead, let alone a year ahead and go, well, if this is my big picture goal, what do I actually need to do tomorrow?

And that’s what I think LifePilot does really well. So I hope that this has helped and I hope that it’s given you some thoughts around how you can structure your own process.

Obviously underlying this is our weekly reflection, which I’ve talked about in the previous episode How to conduct a weekly Review. Listen to that one.

Watch that one here.

It’s a really, really important part of this process because you can’t actually just go setting all these goals and intentions without really understanding what’s coming up for you, what’s important in life right now, and what you want to tune into.

The two things just don’t, don’t work if you don’t have them both.

The third part that is really key to LifePilot, which I think makes it kick ass, is that ultimately it’s an accountability tool and you do it with a buddy.

In my case, I’m lucky I get to do it with Josh, my husband, but many of our customers do it with a best friend, a colleague, a sister.

As I say, a family member, whoever it may be, and sometimes even a complete stranger who you just show up for, cuz you’ve got nothing to lose and you hold each other accountable.

So if this has piqued your interest, once again, one more plug, go to lifepilot.co. Find out more about the 30 day live experience coming up at the end of this month.

And the reason I’ve set it for the end of this month is that in the first week, we are actually going to set your monthly and weekly goals, so you are going to be able to jump straight in and get started on this with my advice, with my coaching, with my mentoring, and all the experience behind us.

And then each week you’re going to build on the skills that make LifePilot one of those beautiful rituals and habits that you can adopt into your life that really does turn your dreams into reality. One day at a time.

Thank you so much for tuning in to the Life Pilot podcast, subscribe, like, comment, share, rate, and review.

All those good things really mean the difference to me and for spreading the word about basically designing your life on your own terms.


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