Eps 54: How to navigate the fullness of life

June 17, 2024


Let’s talk about how to navigate the full spectrum of life when it hits you and you realise you’re not superhuman.

How do you avoid taking on all the life admin responsibilities?
How do spot potential burnout or when you’re doing too much?
How many projects is too many to take on and;
What do you when the realities of life and death hit you?

I discuss just what’s been on my plate that I’ve been navigating recently, how I’ve used my own life coaching advice and tools like breathwork, self-care and relationships to overcome the big moments, and nurture myself.

If you’ve been feeling like there’s a lot going on in your life and that you aren’t necessarily coping, or your wondering how to delegate more, to free up time, to focus on what matters and to be fully present – I got you in this episode.

If you’re wanting to look at a full life makeover in 10 weeks and learning how to focus on your big dreams and goals in life, check out Momentum starting July 1st.


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Natalie Sisson

I'm a serial entrepreneur, besotted Mum, best-selling author, speaker, podcaster and lifestyle design enthusiast. I'm all about showing you how to live life to the full, on your own terms and by design.

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