Eps 53: How to create healthy habits that stick

June 10, 2024


Do you have daily healthy habits transforming your life, or are they keeping you stuck in bad behaviours? You see, creating healthy habits that stick has a potential to supercharge your daily life and actually transform how you show up for yourself and others. Every single day.

If you want to tap into healthy habits, you have to take two actions.

#1: Identify your triggers: What actually sets off actions that you want to change?

#2. Map your new response: You need to visualize your ideal reaction to those triggers.

It’s all about figuring out what triggers our actions and then mapping out better responses, which I share how to do in this episode.

I also share how I tackled my bad phone habit and some practical tips on how you can replace bad habits with good ones.

We’ll chat about this cool concept called the habit loop from Charles Duhigg’s book, and I’ll encourage you to do a little habit audit.

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