Eps 49: How I’m reclaiming my relationship with love

May 13, 2024


I recently had a big epiphany – I can choose to be in a relationship that’s thriving vs staying stuck in one and surviving. In short I can reclaim my relationship with love anytime I choose to.

All it takes is for me to take personal responsibility for how I show up, the energy and attitude I bring and the way in which I approach our relationship.

I can choose to focus on what irritates or frustrates the heck out of me (which happens to all of us in any relationship we’re in – let’s be honest!).

Or I can choose to be proactive and focus on the type of relationship that I truly want and can envision, and then set about making it a reality…every single day, through every single action and choice I make.

Before you say “But Nat, doesn’t it take two to tango, doesn’t your husband need to come to the party?”.

He sure does. But it starts with me. If I can show up in a truly loving, connected, empathetic and unselfish way, he can and will reflect that back at me, and amplify it.

I recently went away on a trip and got time and space to get a different perspective about my marriage and relationship.

Instead of coming back with a list of demands and things I was unhappy with or wanted changed (as if that was going to be anything but detrimental to our relationship), I chose to come back with 5 proactive ways we could invest in our relationship to make it more beautiful and loving in every way.

In this podcast episode I get real honest and share exactly what those 5 things were, how Josh reacted and what’s happened since!

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