Eps 47 – How to let your business pay for your life expenses

April 16, 2024


Did you know your business should not only pay you a salary, but also your living expenses and those upgrades you’ve been wanting? Like a cleaner, childcare and even a cook?

Tune into this special Interview episode with Pricing and Profit Expert Natalie Coombe, where we dive deep into how to design your business, nail your pricing and cover the costs of living your ideal life.

This isn’t a pipedream. It’s about letting your business pay your expenses, for you to have time off, to spend quality time with your kids, to earn what you’re worth and do all this in however many hours you wish to work each week.

Yet so many of us don’t design our work this way, and when we do get successful we often forget we have the power to pay for those lifestyle expenses and upgrades that make a world of difference in our lives.

Tune into this podcast interview to learn:

  • Why your business should be paying for your life expenses
  • How Natalie started out designing the life of her dreams then making her business support it
  • The type of support that is a non-negotiable for Natalie as a solo Mum who works a 3 day week
  • What types of upgrades and expenses you can and should have to make your life so much easier
  • Why many of these expenses are a business expense that you can work into your financial freedom plan
  • How to value yourself more, as both a woman and a Mum and pay yourself what you’re worth!

If you want to have a life makeover in 10 weeks and discover how to truly live the life you dream of, then join me in Momentum starting April 24th.


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Natalie Sisson

I'm a serial entrepreneur, besotted Mum, best-selling author, speaker, podcaster and lifestyle design enthusiast. I'm all about showing you how to live life to the full, on your own terms and by design.

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