Eps 45: How to show up for yourself in 90 days

April 1, 2024


The calendar has flipped into a new month and a new quarter baby! That means a new 90 day period to tune into what I truly desire and fully show up for myself.

After all, it’s my birthday month, and there’s something about this time of year that ignites a fire within me.

I use this time around my birthday, but you can do it anytime, to shed what no longer serves me, and to truly understand what I need to thrive.

Not just for myself, but for my family, my loved ones, and my cherished community of clients.

In today’s episode, I want to dive into the concept of showing up for yourself over the next 90 days.

How can you embrace radical self-responsibility and finally do those things you’ve been avoiding?

Where might you be falling short in your commitments and what’s preventing you from reaching your full potential?

Where have you made promises to yourself, only to go back on them when life gets tough for you?

Where are you neglecting your daily wellness rituals, your exercise routines, your self-care practices?

What is holding you back from embracing your true greatness?

Today, I’ll not only share my own juicy 90-day goals for the upcoming quarter but also my monthly goals and intentions that flow from those quarterly goals.

If you want to focus on what truly matters to you then listen in this week to uplevel your life!

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of radical self-responsibility and tapping into your inner goddess to show up for yourself in 90 days.
  • How to identify areas where you’re not fully showing up for yourself, such as commitments, wellness, and personal growth.
  • How to use LifePilot to set clear priorities and goals aligned with your values and desires.
  • How to break down quarterly goals into actionable monthly milestones, focusing on specific aspects of your life.
  • The value of reconnecting with yourself through self-care practices and revisiting your dreams and life canvas.

Free Resources to help with your 90 day life planning

Download the Perfect Day Exercise so you can really focus on what you want for this season

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