Eps 43: How to have intimate conversations and deeper relationships with Topaz Adizes

March 18, 2024


I’m thrilled to have the incredible Topaz Adizes join us as we dive into the spaces in between, exploring intimacy, vulnerability, and the profound impact of deep conversation and connection with those we cherish.

It’s truly a joy to reconnect with Topaz, after all these years.

Reflecting on our initial encounter, I vividly recall the magic he brought in a yurt in Mangaroa Valley as part of the Edmund Hilary Fellowshipe, where we witnessed our friends share their relationship journey on screen through The Skin Deep‘s {THE AND}.

It was a mesmerizing experience, witnessing their raw honesty and vulnerability unfold before us, thanks to the power of thought-provoking questions. And that’s what Topaz has fostered through 1000s of conversations around the world and now his new book 12 Questions for Love.

Let’s dive into the genesis of {THE AND} and the intentionality behind creating a life filled with meaningful connections.

You’ll learn:

  • The transformative power of human connection, especially in intimate relationships.
  • How to ask well-constructed questions that deepen understanding and connection.
  • The value of letting go of personal agendas and allowing space for authentic interaction and connection with your partner.
  • How to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and deeper connection within your relationship
  • How to create meaningful connections, demonstrate healthy emotional expression and communication for your children

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Dive into “12 Questions for Love: A Guide to Intimate Conversations and Deeper Relationships” by renowned author Topaz Adizes! In this transformative book, Topaz draws from thousands of candid conversations with real couples featured in his Emmy Award-winning documentary series, {THE AND}, to craft 12 carefully curated questions that will take you on a journey to the heart of your relationship.


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