Eps 41: Integrating Business, Identity, and Parenthood

March 4, 2024


This is to all the parents out there who are also entrepreneurs, integrating the intricate balance of their business ventures, identity, and parenthood.

Today, I want to share my insights on how I’ve managed to navigate the complex interplay between parenthood and entrepreneurship while running not just one, but two businesses.

I’ll dig into the strategies I’ve employed to maintain harmony and balance in my life, ensuring that all these beautiful aspects—parenthood, entrepreneurship, and personal fulfillment—are aligned most of the time.

But it’s not just about my journey. I’ll also be addressing a poignant question posed by one of my coaching clients, who grappled with similar challenges. Her story and our discussions shed light on the universal struggles faced by many parent entrepreneurs.

Together, we’ll explore practical tips and insights on how to integrate your business, your identity, and your role as a parent into one big, beautiful, and fulfilling life.

So if you’re a parent entrepreneur seeking guidance on how to navigate the hustle while maintaining balance and harmony, this is for you.

Let’s embark on this journey together.

You’ll learn:

  • The big identity shift you’ll likely go through when becoming a parent that’s not talked about enough
  • Why it’s ok to feel torn between your roles as a parent and an entrepreneur.
  • Embracing the unpredictability of balancing parenthood and entrepreneurship
  • To create an intentional schedule that aligns with your values and priorities
  • How to set clear goals for both your business and personal life, focusing on short-term and long-term objectives.
  • To be fully present in each moment, whether it’s spending quality time with your children or focusing on work tasks.

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Natalie Sisson

I'm a serial entrepreneur, besotted Mum, best-selling author, speaker, podcaster and lifestyle design enthusiast. I'm all about showing you how to live life to the full, on your own terms and by design.

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