Eps 39: Why you are meant for more with Jo Bendle

February 15, 2024


Did you know you are meant for more?! Yes you are gorgeous. I’m honored to have Jo Bendle to tell you why, and as my guest for this first interview episode of the LifePilot podcast!

Our journey together spans over a decade, filled with growth, transformation, and the pursuit of our dreams.

Jo Bendle, a beacon of inspiration in the online space, describes herself as “just a girl going after her dreams, figuring it out as she goes, and sharing what she learns along the way.”

From the early days of stepping into the online world to building a thriving business, Jo’s journey has been one of constant evolution and self-discovery.

Throughout the years, Jo’s path has been marked by significant life decisions, from blowing up her life in the UK to becoming an honorary suitcase entrepreneur to settling into her dream lifestyle in Spain.

Along the way, she’s honed her skills as a productivity coach, evolved into a business coach, and developed a methodology called “Meant for More” to help others realize their potential and breakthrough mindset blocks.

Now, Jo is living her version of a perfect life in Spain, surrounded by the things she loves: beach walks, runs, meaningful connections, and hosting retreats that inspire others to design lives they love.

In this episode, we dive into the key mindset shifts Jo needed to make to be where she is today. From embracing the journey of self-discovery to celebrating the effort, not just the results, but the invaluable insights that will inspire anyone on their own journey of living their dreams.

You’ll learn:

  • Embracing new identities and beliefs that align with your goals and values.
  • How to acknowledge the value you bring and believe in the power of your own methodology or expertise.
  • How to consistently show up for yourself, even in small ways, that builds confidence and self-reliance over time.
  • Establishing boundaries helps protect your energy and focus on what truly matters to you.
  • To focus on one habit or change at a time, and prioritize what will have the most significant impact on your life.

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