Eps 38: Use this lifestyle hack to get work done for free

February 7, 2024


Everyday we are plagued by what I call ‘Life Admin’. The realities of living your everyday life like cleaning, sorting, decluttering, organising and endless decisions. How much is all of that costing you both energy, time and monetary wise?

I’d suggest a LOT. So today I want to share strategies for managing your life admin on a budget, or better put I’m giving you a lifestyle hack to get more work done that you don’t want to do, for free.

In short this episode focuses on how you can enlist more help, whether free or paid, to shape the life you desire and gain freedom by outsourcing life admin tasks.

In particular I share how we stategically utilize WWOOFers, individuals who work in exchange for accommodation and meals, to manage tasks we can’t prioritize or lack time for.

Between us, Josh and I manage three businesses together while also raising our energetic son, Leonardo, and living on a 10 acre lifestyle block.

Maintaining our lifestyle property is a continuous endeavour, with endless chores like gardening, tree pruning, and lawn care, compounded by the presence of pets.

We strategically utilize WWOOFers, individuals who work in exchange for accommodation and meals, to manage life admin tasks we can’t prioritize or lack time for. They have changed our lives, allowing us to delegate tasks and reclaim precious time.

By prioritizing what truly matters and reducing life admin, you can design a life that aligns with your goals and values. Let me share some of the tasks they undertake, highlighting how their help has significantly eased our lives.

You’ll learn:

  • The true cost life admin incurs on your time and mental energy.
  • How to go about delegating tasks and focus on what truly matters to you, whether it’s family, relationships, or your career.
  • How to identify areas that need attention and prioritize self-care and improvement efforts accordingly.
  • How to regularly assess and improve different aspects of your life, leading to overall growth and fulfilment.

Want to discover which areas of your life need your attention and energy?

Take our free Life Audit assessment here.

We’ve taken the Wheel of Life and adapted it to our LifePilot tool and methodology to focus on the 6 areas of life that are most important: Growth, Relationships, Wealth, Work, Lifestyle and Wellbeing. It takes just a few minutes to rate your areas and get results that may surprise you.

Then you can actually discover what you need to prioritise to live life by design and truly be, do and have what matters most to you.


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