Eps 37: How to conduct a Life Audit and discover what matters

February 1, 2024


Are you feeling like your life is off kilter? Are you putting a ton of attention into some areas of your life and ignoring others? If so it is time you conduct a Life Audit so you can achieve a balanced existence.

Before you tell me balance isn’t possible, it’s actually essential¬†for your mental well being because this is underpinned by finding levels of meaning within your daily tasks and activities.

If a lot of your life is out of balance, then you’re not going to be satisfied, you’re not going to be fulfilled, and you’re not even going to have your basic psychological needs met.

In short, you’re not going to be happy.

While I’m not an advocate for saying that you can have a 10 out of 10 balanced life across all areas, you can be way more consciousness about what is holding you back, which areas of your life are going great, and which ones you want to put more effort and time into and prioritize to feel like you are living your best life!

So, how do we actually figure out where we’re out of balance? How do we actually pay some attention to that? You need to do a Life Audit.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, if you are feeling unable to connect and, and literally life is feeling a little out of control or you’re really unsatisfied, that’s where the wheel of life comes in.

You’ll learn:

  • What the Wheel of Life is and how it works
  • Why we built the Life Audit to to make it easier to discover where your gaps in life are
  • How to take the results of your Life Audit to make better decisions and prioritise what matters
  • How to make this an ongoing exercise you to do keep focusing on what matters

Want to discover which areas of your life need your attention and energy?

Take our free Life Audit assessment here.

We’ve taken the Wheel of Life and adapted it to our LifePilot tool and methodology to focus on the 6 areas of life that are most important: Growth, Relationships, Wealth, Work, Lifestyle and Wellbeing. It takes just a few minutes to rate your areas and get results that may surprise you.

Then you can actually discover what you need to prioritise to live life by design and truly be, do and have what matters most to you.


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