Eps 35: The magic formula of energy in vs energy out

January 19, 2024


I am a firm believer in the magic formula of energy in equals energy out.

It’s simple. And it works.

And I’m seeing it firsthand for myself again.

After a little break from focusing on it, I just love the power of what can happen.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The concept of energy you invest in various aspects of your life directly influences the outcomes you receive.
  • How focusing on positive thoughts and intentions can attract similar positive experiences.
  • Why positive beliefs coupled with wholehearted effort lead to successful outcomes
  • The importance of adapting to change, giving oneself grace, and recognizing shifts in identity.
  • The power of consistency as a tool for shifting mindset and attracting positive energy.

Eps 35 Energy In vs Energy Out shownotes:

Today, I’m going to talk to you about a topic that maybe you have heard about before in a different way. And to be honest, I have never thought about it this way until I was doing some research for this episode. Because here’s how I’ve always seen it. If I put the right energy out there, it comes back to me in droves.

But I have to start by putting the energy out there into work projects, into my relationship, into my health and wellbeing into what I’m learning. The more intentional I am, and the more energy I direct that way. Especially in a positive way, because it works both ways.

If you’re putting out correct the energy, that’s what you get there. It does come back to you and it comes back rather magnificently. And it just starts to call. And it just starts to cause this beautiful snowball of momentum.

The concept of energy attracts like energy

It could also be referred to as the law of attraction. The law of attraction is the idea that energy attracts like energy. And since everything is ultimately energy, whatever, we focus on, whatever we use our energy for attracts more of the same energy. If you happen to have a brilliant start to your morning, wake up fresh, you had a great sleep.

You jump out of bed, and you go and do that workout or that beautiful yoga session. And you feel like a million dollars after it, and then you have your, Bulletproof coffee or your healthy smoothie. You write down your gratitude. You journal, maybe you do like abundance meditation. You are probably well on your way to having one of the best days of your life and everything.

After doing those things that set you off on the right tone for the day, is this going to get better and better? You might have some really awesome client calls. You might close some new business. You might have. Really special time with your loved one that you weren’t expecting. And it was just beautiful when you opened up and you had gorgeous conversations.

Maybe they surprised you with a date night, maybe one of your best friends rang you up and just told you that they loved you or had some really exciting news and you were able to again, use their energy to propel yours. And the flip side could happen.

You could have had a pretty crappy sleep. You wake up. Feeling grumpy and you take that grumpy mood into the day. You skip your workout. You eat something. And crappy for breakfast. You have abandoned. And interaction. Somebody phones, you, maybe there’s a bill that came in that you weren’t expecting.

Maybe you just had a really bad interaction with somebody out on the street or when you’re out shopping. And then maybe a client canceled on you and suddenly you’ve got this snowball effect of crappy things happening. And you might sell it. Ah, such bad luck or. Blah, blah, blah.

But honestly, it’s the energy that you are putting out to the universe and the energy that it is returning to you. And I guess I. I have always been such a firm believer in this. Especially when it comes to business, even though it applies across all areas of your life. But I feel like when you apply it in business, The results and the return on investment are like mega.

And let me give you an example of this and my signature course that I used to run for many years called Launch Your Damn Course. I would always talk about this with my clients. Because I’d have these people who had fantastic ideas, they had good communities. They were really experienced. They were great teachers. They had all the right Initiatives and ideas and genuine service to people that they wanted to teach, that there was always this mindset piece around, but this isn’t going to work or it’s not good enough.

Or I don’t know what to charge or nobody’s going to buy it. And it was this little path of negativity or fear or a lack of worthiness that they would go down and ultimately. If they kept on that path, which I almost never allowed them to do. Unless they stubbornly stayed there, they got mediocre results because essentially, they were putting out this energy of. I really think this course is going to be great, but you probably won’t and I’m not really an expert.

And I don’t think I can charge enough, and I don’t really know if I’ll get enough people on and that’s exactly. The launch that they got; they got a mediocre result. I have done the exact same thing in the past. So typically, I will be really young home. I’ll have an idea. I’ll get this course idea together.

I’ll test it. I’ll put it out there. And at that point, one of two things happens. I’m either fully behind it. I’m really excited by it. I really believe in it. And so, I put more and more energy behind it. I put aside any fears, any self-doubts and I just go for it, and I put out valuable value bomb after value bomb. I put out amazing content. I’m really clear in all my email marketing.

I make offers they’re well received people join up. It’s awesome. More people join up. I’m able to share that more people do an app and you have this fantastic kick-ass launch. That absolutely blows you away. And there have been times where I have not had a lot of energy. Not being a hundred percent behind the launch.

I didn’t even need to be a hundred percent behind it, but I need to be behind it. And there being times where I’m like, I’m not sure about those. I don’t really think this is the right offer. How excited am I about actually teaching this. Do I want to pull this whole launch together? Gosh, this is going to be a lot of work.

Lessons I got from my Business Launches

Oh, I’m probably not charging right for it. I don’t know if anybody’s going to want this and boom. I do a half-hearted job. I get a half ass of result. And then I fulfilled the perpetual cycle of I’m not good at launching, for example. And that is why so many of my launches. For sure. I’ve had some crappy ones, don’t get me wrong, but most of the time, most of my launches have exceeded my expectations because I have used the formula of energy in versus energy out.

If I show up with all the energy behind me, that this is going to be amazing. And I focus on how people are going to feel when they’ve gone through that course. How the lines are going to be changed, what impact I’m going to make on them and what impact they’re going to make on others. And I start thinking really big picture. And I take it well beyond myself.

Like I’m not even in the picture, I’m just thinking about the lives that can get changed and what these people are going to go on to do as a result of learning from this course. That’s when beautiful results have happened and amazing launches that have been incredibly profitable.

And frankly, life-changing for me and for my clients. And why I’m mentioning this right now is I have just seen this happen. Again, and I guess I feel like I need to learn the lesson as much as I would like to pass the lesson on here.

Motherhood and the associated identity shift

Because I feel like for the last couple of years with having a gorgeous toddler come into my life so much of my identity has been around shifting and becoming a mother. And I’m a very, very different person to who I was even two and a half years ago. Of course, I still have my experience. My skillset. My business’s behind me.

I have the same personality in many ways, or there have been some shifts. And, I have a lot of these things that have led to the foundation of a wonderful life, but I have also changed so much with this gorgeous little human in my life.

You can’t help but change. And I’ve shifted my identity. I’ve lost some of it. I’ve had to almost like reinvent and reestablish myself. I’ve had to develop new ways of working around not only having a toddler in our life and what that means from a perspective of time and energy and presence and focus, but I’ve also had to like, re-identify what matters to me and what I’m actually capable of now.

A lot of mums who are listening. And probably resonate with me on this. There’s this point when you’re a mom where you’re I don’t know if I can do things the way it used to. I don’t know if I’ve got the same energy or level of ambition. I’m not even sure that I believe that I’m capable of these things anymore.

And it’s this period where your hormones are changing. You’re adapting to being a mum and I’m learning so much from your little one, but also having to apply all these new skills that you didn’t even know. You didn’t have or intuitively head, but you’re constantly figuring stuff out. You’re constantly learning.

So you feel like you’re on the back foot quite a lot of the time, or you’re just frankly. Faced with, oh my gosh, it’s a new situation. There’s a new development and my child and their behavior, and I just have to figure it out. So you’re not always coming from that place anymore of certainty. And confidence and clarity and experience and ambition, as I said, and that has had an impact on me.

So if you’re listening and that resonates. It’s okay. And I’ve actually given myself so much grace to just be and be present and enjoy my time with Leonardo. And being with Josh as a husband and a parent team. And also give myself grace to not be going on all cylinders across my two businesses. And now I’m reaching this point where there’s a part of me coming to life again in a different way.

Harnessing newfound energy and motivation

And I want to harness that. And it’s interesting because if you had. Spoken to me five or six months ago, or listen to any of my podcasts. You might actually see a map difference from then to now, because I have been working on myself and I have been working on. And reflecting on what I truly want and what I want to be putting out into the world. And how I want to feel about that.

And it has had this slow, gorgeous ripple effect across everything. And it hit me last week. And even this week, when I closed out the launch of Momentum and I got more beautiful people in it. Then I actually thought I would, and it was this kind of real big what would I call it?

It was a really great confidence booster and it also made me realize that when I just show up and I do what I know and I do it really well. And I do it out of a place of service and of genuinely wanting to help people.

And I show up and I commit and I’m consistent and I keep putting my energy forward. It comes back to me. With such a massive return on investment. I have seen. Real growth in this podcast. So thank you for listening and hopefully sharing with others. I have seen real growth in my email list, which has been practically stagnant for a couple of years because I haven’t done anything about it.

And I’ve had more people downloading the beautiful, perfect day exercise. The One-Page Business Plan, and soon the Life Audit, you can grab any of those beautiful free resources to help you to design your ideal lifestyle and business at LifePilot.co/freebies or at LifePilot.co/resources.

They both take you there, whichever one works for you. And so it’s been really lovely to see this growth. And my list. And then I’ve been putting more energy and intention into Instagram and showing up there to be more of a coach and sharing great advice. And behind the scenes and that has been growing and has been more interaction and engagement and views and comments.

And so that’s been really just like feeding. My fuel and my fire. And, I’ve just been getting more comments and direct messages and conversations and emails and you coaching clients and all of this again is due to that energy that I have been consistently putting out there for the better part of six months.

And working towards my plan of hopes and dreams that I have for myself. For my life and for my family. And so I really just wanted to pass that onto you today.

Is there? It wasn’t easy five or six months ago. I was not in a great place. We were, and I talked about on the podcast, we were having massive cashflow issues with one of our businesses and it was really difficult financially. And we got ourselves as face of like, how did we get here where we’ve invested so much and we just don’t have the cashflow coming in.

And it was quite stressful. I’m not going to lie. And it put stress on Josh and I. And then Leo was at this time where he was really growing into his twos and it was just this pressure cooker and this odd. A unique combination of elements that have all come together to create the perfect storm.

Daily gratitude to cultivate an abundance mindset

And it wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t pleasant and we grounded out. And we continue to do our gratitudes and we had lots of moments and the relationship had, like tough moments where we had to somehow have some really big, honest conversations.

And everything just felt tough, but we came up with a plan, we talked it through and we put it into place and we worked at it and we’ve just kept chipping away at it over the last five to six months.

And I can tell you that all of that has resulted in. That plan coming off big time, like we just launched into 2024 and the markable. The remarkable difference from five months ago, even three months ago to today, is it blows my mind. Josh is crushing it with these incredible contracts that he’s getting in the AI education space.

We have contracts coming in for Fraemohs Homes that have been a better part of me working on projects with clients for six to 12 months.

And they’re all culminating now and coming off. We have. A situation with a painful client, which is manageable and getting better and almost finished. And that just feels like a mess of when. And then in my business, as I said, I’ve just got so much energy for what I want to build this year and what I want to put out and who I want to work with.

And how I want to show up and I’m enjoying it and an ex exciting and I feel in flow and there’s still more work to do.

But as I said that wasn’t what I was feeling at all five to six months ago. But I just put one foot in front of the other. I stuck to the plan. I’ve worked on myself. I listened to my meditations. I read books. I focused on one step at a time, and I just kept piling little bits of energy that I had towards the same goal and kept going and was consistent and kept showing up.

And now it just feels like it’s. Propelling me. Food. Into the future into my dreams, into everything that I want to be, and also being fully present in this moment, that is the power of energy in versus energy out.

Or if you prefer to call it the law of attraction. When energy attracts like energy and don’t get me wrong. There’s still lots of areas that I want to keep improving all, but every single area of my life, my health and wellness is just kicking into overdrive because one of my big intentions and goals this year is to be optimal health for my age, my demographic, and where I’m at in life.

My relationship with Josh has been beautiful.

We have done the work. We’ve been reading the relationship book. We are in a really good place. And we’re continuing to build on it despite also still having, these goals and some of these pressures that are starting to AEs.

Leo is next level, but we are just loving it. And it’s also again, still teaching us and we’re staying open to how we work with him, how we help develop, how we play, just all the beautiful things that he brings to our life. And. Life is good.

It’s also summer that helps, but I just feel like it is so important. To focus on, even when you don’t feel like you have it, your gratitudes every single morning or every single night, because they will put you in that place and space and feeling.

Of abundance, even if it’s just, oh my gosh, I’m really glad I woke up this morning and that I am breathing and that I am loved. And that attitude just showing up every day, being grateful for the simple, small things. Starts to have that ripple effect.

You start to attract more of that beautiful energy. Start to focus on even more things that excite you. And those things come back to you in the form of more energy, which creates more abundance and goodness. You could also just read the book, the secret and I’m sure. It has some of these points in it, but this is just my download for you today, sent with love and energy.

Of course. And I can’t wait to go on this journey with you this year. I would love to hear how you are showing up in your life. What areas you feel you could actually. Put more energy into, and the type of energy I’m talking about is real. Belief. Behind what you desire and how you want to feel and why you are worthy of receiving it.

That’s the energy I’m talking about. And that’s the energy that I would love for you to focus on putting out in 2024. So that you can get that return on investment. Because you deserve it because you’re worth it. Much love you can come and see the show notes. Check out the podcast at LifePilot.co/podcast.

This is episode 35. And thank you so much for already making this year and my energy input into you with it. I hope you are feeling the effects of it and receiving it to.


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