Eps 26: Behind the scenes of my monthly goal setting ritual

November 2, 2023


If you’re someone who has never worked with a monthly goal setting process, or feels any goal setting process is restrictive and not in flow with who you are, then this podcast is for you.

It’s also for you if you’ve always wondered how the heck do you figure out what you should be focusing on each month and what’s important to you.

If you have no idea around that or you’ve just found goal setting a tricky thing to do, I’ve got your back with our 3 step goal setting process!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The key to understanding where you’re at in life vs where you want to be
  • Why consistency and reflection are key to any goal setting process
  • How to use our 3 step goal setting process to become focused on what matters
  • The exact goals I set in October and how they turned out
  • What goals I set for the month of November and how they tie into my big picture

Shownotes on The Three-Step Monthly Goal Setting Process

What I’d love to do is just break down for you how we do our monthly goal setting process with LifePilot. On November 1st we were at the cafe for probably around an hour, as when we’re doing our monthly goals, we do take a little bit more time because what we do is a three-step goal-setting process.

STEP #1:  Reflect on the month that was

What we did was just have a very open, candid conversation about how we felt the month of October went for us. And by that, if I reflect on October, how did it feel? What did it look like?

What were some of the wins, what were some of the things we wanted to celebrate, and what were some of the more challenging things?

If I take you through, what we talked about, October just went by in a flash. Yet, Josh challenged me to look at that and go, “Well, that’s your perception of it, because why is that? You closed two design deposits this month for Frameless Homes. You worked with two new coaching clients.

You did a ton of awesome stuff with Leo and childcare. We just stayed at an amazing straw bale eco house with dear friends and their kids.

We have done a ton around the property, not only having woofers, and willing workers on organic farms who come and stay, but we’ve also just achieved a lot ourselves in terms of planting.

And turning the garden to be more beautiful. Just a bunch of things, really great things around the house. We’ve set up the pool and the trampoline, and almost, almost got the pool there. And so, it has been a big, fulfilling, and full-on month, if I’m really honest.”

But in my mind, it just felt like, I remember at the beginning of October setting our goals and being like, “This is gonna be a big month, I just feel like we’re turning a corner on a few things.”

The work that we’ve been doing is paying off. And then it just felt like suddenly now we’re in November like what the heck whereas the rest this year has felt there’s been like slow, quick, quick, slow, like when you have a child, they often say that the days are long, but the years are fast.

And I kind of feel we’re very, very present with Leo and we never work around him. We are just fully embraced and in the moment with him all the time.

I feel like my days are very full and I’m very much present and aware of them even when I’m working. I was curious as to why October just felt like it flew by compared to other months this year that have felt more spacious, more luxurious, or to be frank, more challenging.

STEP #2: Align your goals across the six life areas of LifePilot

Then we just reflected on the six areas of LifePilot, which are wealth, wellness, personal growth, work, Lifestyle, and relationships. So, we don’t necessarily go into every one of those areas, but we do discuss sort of how we feel and what came up for us.

Josh has been working hard this month to get new AI contracts in the dev world. That has been a part of his six-month process of transitioning out of his business, which he still sits on the board of and doing his own thing and following his heart and what he’s curious about.

And that right now is that intersection between AI and education. And so, he has been billing like crazy, bringing on new contracts, from around New Zealand and also now internationally and managing that around some of the work that he does on Fraemohs Homes, and some of his more, I would say, passion-focused work around AI and his YouTube channel.

So, I’m proud of him because he’s just been going for it, and it’s been paying off and we’re starting to see the results of that. At the same time, I have had moments where I’ve been a bit more resentful that he is in his office working so much and that he’s so head down, so focused, with the irony, right?

Like, he’s… financially bringing in the money and doing a great job and as a result, I feel like I get less of his time and attention than we do as a family.

He would probably say that’s not the case and I think he’s doing a great job of integrating all the facets and being very present as a husband, as a father, and being out on the land and doing work but it just feels a bit more squeezy.

Squeezy as in terms of like time together. But all in all, a positive month, and if I look at and bring up my LifePilot tool, which is a geeky, colour-coded, fun spreadsheet, I’ll share with you what my goals in October were.

October Goal #1: Build relationships and friendships

So, if I just headed across to the monthly tab, I had to focus on building strategic relationships and friendships.

I wanted to reach out back into my community, to my peers, to other entrepreneurs, and just rekindle some of those relationships.

I had this beautiful reflection moment throughout October where I was really doing a business audit of my business for the last however long since I’ve had it.

I’ll be doing another episode on that because I was fascinated by results that I didn’t see very clearly at the time.

I was also just reflecting on all the amazing people that I’ve had in my life and been able to meet at conferences and how that propelled my business at the time.

Being in the U. S. and Canada going to these conferences, meeting influencers and amazing entrepreneurs and just reflecting on that and which of those people I’ve maybe lost touch with or I’m still friends with or who I’d like to deepen the relationship with.

I also feel like I picked up more in terms of conversations, zoom calls with peers, masterminds, and just in general, connecting and reaching out back into my community.

And then also on the friendship front, we have done a ton of hosting at our home in October, and to me, that filled my cup. It was a very fulfilling thing.

It’s something that I’ve wanted to do ever since we’ve had our beautiful house and our large property, is I just feel it’s a beautiful spot for people to come and connect with nature.

Relax, chill out, and have fun, go for walks in the forest, you know, now we’ve got the trampoline and hopefully the pool and, and you soon, just to have more social events here, dinners, potlucks, lunches, brunches, people just coming over, and I’m a big open door policy type of lady, I love having people just popping in.

I genuinely am one of those people who love that. I know for some people they hate it, it’s the last thing they want, but I’m like, just pop around. And so I feel like finally the message has been getting through and we’ve had more friends doing that and we’ve had more regular, lovely, nourishing times with friends.

And also the flip side of that is that I appreciated that it was actually at times tiring because when you have friends coming over with kids, you’ve suddenly got, you know, more mouths to feed.

More chaos to kind of clean up later and, just in general, it’s just a lot more of your attention and energy to have conversations with your friends and watch out and watch over kids.

So that was a really good learning lesson for me is, you know, sometimes I had three or four social events in a weekend and that’s kind of my jam and it felt in some ways sometimes energy-giving and sometimes a little bit energy sapping. So I put that as a hit.

So in life pilot, we have a hit, progressed, or missed. And the missed part is not to make you feel bad about it, it’s just like, okay, that was maybe not the goal to set.

Maybe it wasn’t quite the right target to have, or maybe it needed to be an intention versus a goal. Or maybe it wasn’t actually within my control to make that, a hit. So I’m calling that one a hit.

October Goal #2. Enjoy a variety of fun pursuits, exercises, and sports.

This one was a wellness goal, which was to enjoy a variety of fun pursuits, exercises, and sports. And I also had a hit on that because I got to play Pickleball a couple of times. I got out and played my first game of tennis in ages.

I’ve also done just more like walks along the river. And I’ve had. Just a fun amount of different pursuits in terms of exercise. I’ve dialled in and enjoying more yoga and HITT workouts.

I’ve added some dance workouts. So I do all my workouts at home from YouTube from various people that I love and just keep revisiting their workouts, which is awesome.

So I feel like that was good. I feel like it could also include, now that we’re coming more into spring and summer, more outdoor bike rides, hikes, swims, etc.

So I’m looking forward to that becoming a very dominant feature of my summer here in New Zealand. So that was a hit.

October Goal #3: Bring in $5K Income

And then the third one was a wealth goal, which was figuring out how to bring in 5k income outside of Fraemohs Homes. So it was just a little personal challenge for me.

Like if I need to make 5k income in a month extra over and above both my businesses, what would that look like?

I put that as progress because that is a work in progress. I’m currently in chats with a wonderful woman who has a business idea that she’s getting off the ground that I’m keen to partner with her on. So I’ll just leave it at that, but there’s some really lovely potential there.

I also need to figure out how that fits into my lifestyle piece and the actual time that I have and energy to give to things, but it’s very aligned with my values in life and also my skill set, and my current personal business with LifePilot, so that was an interesting one.

Plus, by doing the business audit, which I did last month, I just came up with a ton of ideas of things that I’d like to revisit, redo, improve, or transition away from or towards. So more on that in an upcoming episode where I talk about my business audit. Which is a great thing to do, by the way.

So that one was a wealth goal, and that was progress. And then for November, here’s what I’ve come up with.

STEP #3: Monthly Goal-Setting: The Three-Goal Limit

So with LifePilot, there are only three goals that you set per week, per month, per quarter and the reason for that is focus.

More than three things and you are just feeling very extended and you’re likely to just not hit them, to be honest. You should be able to find three or fewer things that are critical to you for you to live the life you want. It’s a real exercise in discipline, radical focus, and prioritization to set no more than three goals or intentions.

November Goal #1: Implement intermittent fasting

So, we’re pretty good at it now because we’ve been doing this for the better part of six and a half years. So my, I have another wellness goal this month. Wellness features quite a lot, across my months and weeks. And I’ve been interested in trialing more intermittent fasting.

I’ll speak to this in future episodes as well, but have found some amazing resources and one incredible expert on this and have just been enjoying the benefits of fasting.

And after listening to a great podcast with Mel Robbins. Around this and Dr. Mindy Pelz, who is the expert in intermittent fasting, I realized she said one thing on that podcast that just stuck with me, which is in the absence of food, the body heals itself.

And I was like, wow, that’s all I needed to know to do more of this and see how it fits in with my life. So that’ll be a future episode, but In short, intermittent fasting is where you have periods where you do not eat or consume anything, and usually, it’s actually while you’re sleeping.

And so, for example, if you’re doing the basic intermittent fasting of a 12 to 14-hour fast, then if you last ate dinner at 6. 30 and you were doing 14 hours, you wouldn’t eat again until 8. 30 a.m.

So that’s very doable, right? Especially when you have a toddler and you’re eating early. And it just, allows your body to digest, to heal itself, to do all this amazing digestion and processing, turning over new cells, all sorts of things.

And I just find it fascinating. It also simplifies your life, because you can cut it down to maybe even two meals a day, depending on how you want to go.

And the longer you fast, the different levels and benefits you have to your body.

So there’s… 17 hours fast, there’s 24 hour fast, there’s 36 hour immunity fast, there’s, getting into autophagy and all this cool stuff that, as I said, as I experiment with it, I will share the results with you.

So in November, I’ll focus on fasting and checkups. And by that, I feel like I’ve put off for the better part of a year, some pretty important health checkups. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to the dentist, but my teeth are fine, but I. That’s one that I need to book.

I’m having my first-ever mole and freckle checkup at the doctor’s So I want to check in on any potential melanomas that is something that I’ve never given myself the gift of and I’ve just noticed a few little freckles and moles changing shape And so I’m keen to get those checked early.

I also am having an eye examination next week because I just got a reminder. It’s two years since my last one. So I’m going to go in and have an eye checkup in general. My eyes are great.

But for example, my mom has had glaucoma and I probably have an early onset of it. And so it’s really good to stay on top of that because it’s preventable and treatable.

So I check up and I also have these gnarly toenails, which is, you know, not a great detail for the podcast, but I just, I’ve had them ever since I’ve been playing Ultimate Frisbee.

People stand and stomp on your toenails, and then they got like, just hurt and injured, and they’ve never really fully recovered, and then I think it was probably an infection, and I just kind of, leave them to, to be and to fall off every so often and I’m just done with it.

I would really like to go and see, and I’ve got the exact person in mind, a podiatrist who’s an expert in this and just get it sorted and get them treated and look after my toes or toenails.

And yeah, so it just felt like a month to I guess put Natalie’s health first in terms of checkups and making sure everything’s good doing that whilst intermittent fasting now, you could argue that I’ve tried to squeeze two goals into one here because it says focus on fasting and health checkups done.

So I will say that. Yep. I’ve probably broken my own rule, but they’re incredibly related and one is going to be a consistent sort of almost daily thing and the other is appointments that have already been booked and I’m going to so that feels good.

November Goal #2: Close another new build contract

My second one is a work goal and for that, I’ve closed another Fraemohs Homes contract.

I just put out a contract yesterday to a new client and I’m hoping that I can get one or two this month Which would be amazing.

I’m hoping to get two more done by the end of the year So this is within my control to a point It’s also up to the client and a bunch of other factors that come in but it’s an ambitious goal that I am looking forward to hitting.

November Goal 3: Close 10 Momentum Sales

And the third is a wealth goal and that is to close 10 Momentum sales.

So Momentum is my 10-week program starting in January to 10x your life across all these beautiful areas of life.

I’m excited about it. It’s a brand new offering from me. It is part learning, part implementation, and part coaching. And I’ve already got people who have signed up for it because initially it was going to be happening in October.

I have moved it to January where a whole lot of people felt it was like they could do it in January. And I’m going to be kicking off with a bonus call in December. So I’m excited about that and that’s doable.

I have a bigger goal of how many people I would love to come on board for that. However, given this is a brand-new offering.

I need to get on to putting that in front of people and marketing it and raving about it and talking about it. And getting more people signed up. So that’s my goal for that. I often don’t set things around work and launches that often or haven’t done.

This year it’s just been such a different kind of year for me getting back into my business but this feels like a healthy great one.

November just feels great before people start sort of heading offline and going into vacation mode And again, that feels doable if I’m focused and committed So I thought I’d share those with you.

This is all about getting out of your way and overcoming limiting beliefs that you’ve had, reworking some of your behaviors and habits so that you crush them in 2024, and becoming cognizant of how you prioritize what matters to you in life.

So it is partly also implementing life pilot, our life canvas, which is the big picture vision planning. And there’s a whole lot in there around mindset, behaviours, habits, financial freedom, beautiful ways to make relationships more healthy, around habits for just looking after yourself and putting yourself first and having daily routines.

There’s a lot that I have put into it but it’s spaced out over 10 weeks and every single week you’ll be learning something new, implementing something new, and getting accountability, support, and coaching.

So if that sounds good to you and you want to start the year afresh.

So that’s where we are at on the LifePilot process and it feels really good now to have that. Obviously, we set our weekly goals at the start of this week, we’ll be setting weekly goals throughout November and they will always relate to those three big focuses that I have for the month.

They won’t always be related exactly to that goal

The Importance of Quarterly Check-Ins

I can have a learning goal in there. I can have a relationship goal in there. I can have a lifestyle goal in there each week. But on the whole, I should be tracking and looking at, okay, those are my three things for the month.

What do I need to do this week to make them a reality? And then we also have our quarterly goals, so we did check in on that today, so during, our monthly life pilot session with each other, we will just see where we’re on track.

For quarterly how those monthly goals fit into it, and the beauty of our tool is that you can always see the quarterly goals above, and so when you’re setting your monthlies, you can see them and you can refer to them and go, cool, do these goals also fit in with me achieving my quarterly objectives?

For me, my quarterlies, if you would like to know about them, one was a wealth goal to work on earning the 5k passive biz income and got some great ideas around that, that I’m implementing the other was a work goal, which was get Fraemohs humming for 2024 with two design deposits. And I’ve already hit that.

So. I was well ahead of myself on that. I’m thrilled about that result. And the third was a learning goal or personal development, which was to finish and implement my holistic mind-body training.

So earlier this year, I became a certified holistic life coach, and now I am doing holistic mind-body training, which is much more around your nervous system, around tools, Meditation, breath work.

So many things around that to help your body connect with your mind and be able to be that much more grounded, calm, less reactive, all those things which I can bring into my coaching.

I have been, attempting to make study time every single week, and now I just really need to pick that up, because let’s be realistic here my friend, we have around six weeks until what I would call the end of the year.

Before people start checking out, going off on holiday, and you know, if you’re planning on working right throughout the holiday season, go you, but we are planning on having a good two weeks off.

And by off, I mean, we want to be chilling out, relaxing, and socializing. We also want to be working on the land and continuing to make this our dream property, being physically outdoors and nature, going camping, going on some hikes, bike rides, et cetera.

But I don’t intend to be on my laptop, on my phone, checking any emails, or anything for at least a good week of that. Just to be completely offline.

That’s my goal. Learning, reading, that is something that’s on the agenda. Painting, whatever it may be. But not working. So I think it’s really good.

This is such an exciting time of year because it does feel like, you know, you’ve got six-ish weeks to cram so much goodness in and set yourself up for success in 2024.

And that’s the way I’m viewing it. And I am excited to make this happen. And I’m also excited for a break to be honest.

2023 is a year that I am going to do some pretty major reflection on and when I run that workshop in December, that’s part of Momentum.

So it’s a pre-workshop and it’s focused on some reflection exercises that I’ll guide you through some questions to ask yourself where you’ll find some hidden gems that will help you for how you want to go about 2024 versus maybe how you went about 2023.

Some very enlightening and also some mindset training there about, getting over any imposter syndrome and going into the year feeling good with some tools up your sleeve to be able to keep you focused on why you are amazing and why you can accomplish anything.


I’m looking forward to personally doing that myself and guiding my Momentum students through that. There you have it. That is the LifePilot process

When we do our monthly reflections and goal-setting you always if you can do it with a buddy. Of course, you can do this by yourself.

But if you have a friend who’s just willing to hear you out talk through what you’d love to do in November for example, or any month, talk about your biggest priorities and goals, have them as a sounding board and somebody to hold you accountable.

Then that is where LifePilot rocks because it’s designed to be done with somebody who is, going to champion you to be right there beside you, supporting you, holding you accountable, keeping you on track, and cheering you on, on those days when you’re feeling a little bit like meh.

And of course, if they’re your LifePilot buddy and they’re doing LifePilot, you can do the same for them.

Otherwise, just grab a friend a confidant, or a bestie and just say, “Hey, would you be my LifePilot buddy this month?” And maybe just, they’ll come on board with you. So I hope that this has been enlightening. If you have a different kind of process, then I hope that it’s working for you.

At the end of the day, it’s about consistently sticking with a rhythm, a ritual, and a routine that works for you to be more present.

What is important in your life, is whether you’re making progress across the areas of life that most matter to you and just dialing that in so that it feels like you’re in flow and that you are keeping focused on what matters.

If you are curious to figure out what your perfect day looks like, what a life in flow with your priorities in place looks like, then please don’t forget that I have an awesome free download called the Perfect Day Exercise.

This is actually about figuring out from the moment you wake up to the moment your head hits the pillow, how you want to live your life daily and how to start making that more of a reality every single day.

Not. Three or five years from now when you’re living your best life. So head to lifepilot.co/perfect for that free download. It’s an awesome little pdf book with the exercise built in and I assure you if you take 15 to 30 minutes to do That you will feel on top of the world.

It is so exciting to imagine and write down your perfect day the exercise is with the guide that I have in that pdf It is amazing how quickly it becomes true far sooner than you ever imagined, even little pieces of it that you thought were maybe just out of reach for where you’re at right now.

So stay true to your dreams. Never give up on the big picture and live with intention every day. Thank you so much for listening to the LifePilot podcast until next week.


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