Eps 25: Entrepreneurship or a career – which should you choose?

October 25, 2023


Are you an entrepreneur who’s seriously been thinking about getting a job, because let’s face it times are tough and you’ve had enough?

Perhaps you’re in a career that was fulfilling, but post Covid and all this remote working you’ve learned that you’re totally ready to start your side-hustle or take the leap into a new business.

It’s a trend I’m personally seeing a lot of my entrepreneurial friends take in the last six months and I think it’s a great move. Why? Because they’re embracing the freedom of choice.

To choose work that suits you, your lifestyle and what’s important to you. Embracing change and choosing certainty over risk to go into a job is totally natural.

Alternatively choosing to take a big leap over security and leave your job is too.

In this podcast I share the pros and cons of both entrepreneurship and a career and why either might just be the perfect fit for where you are right now in life.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to embrace work that allows you to live a rich, fulfilling life that is uniquely yours
  • How you can reimagine your career or business to fit your lifestyle and values
  • Why more people are placing a higher value on security, certainty and income

Shownotes for this episode:

It’s no secret that the last few years have been incredibly taxing for most, with the global pandemic taking a toll on mental health, physical well-being, social connections, and even the cost of living. In a world that feels wearier and more unpredictable, we find ourselves at a crossroads—a moment that offers the opportunity to reimagine our lives in the face of new challenges.

Changing Trends in Work:

The trend I’ve observed is a significant number of my friends and peers giving up their business and returning to traditional employment.

Even seasoned entrepreneurs are taking up roles in established companies, drawn by the allure of security, consistent paychecks, and the less rugged path of employment. This shift marks a departure from the world of entrepreneurship, where creative freedom and independence reign supreme.

Entrepreneurship, after all, is an incredible journey that hones our resilience, creativity, and endurance, among other things. It’s a personal growth challenge, and if you’re willing to take the ride, it can bring out the best in you.

But entrepreneurship isn’t without its struggles, from navigating criticism to the constant responsibility for your team, their income, and your business’s future.

The Allure of Entrepreneurship:

What’s exciting about this trend is the fusion of entrepreneurial experience with the stability of employment. These individuals bring their entrepreneurial spirit to their new roles, creating a unique synergy of independence and collaboration.

It’s not about leading a team but contributing as an independent asset to a larger entity. And that’s a compelling shift.

I’ve personally experienced this duality, having taken on a job for about a year while keeping my business running on the side.

It was an opportunity to be part of a team, learn something new, and gain fresh insights, but it also underscored my passion for entrepreneurship.

I found that I was constantly inspired to innovate in my business, and this dual approach was a testament to the benefits of exploring both avenues.

Blending Careers and Businesses:

What this trend underscores is the importance of choice. Whether you’re an entrepreneur exploring traditional employment or an employee embarking on a side hustle, you have the freedom to chart your own path.

You’re not bound by a single trajectory; instead, you can blend the perfect career or business that aligns with your lifestyle, values, and where you are in life.

The idea that you can shift between careers and entrepreneurship is liberating. It offers hope and encourages us to open our minds to what’s possible.

Young entrepreneurs are breaking new ground, harnessing energy and creativity to build businesses that suit their lifestyles. Meanwhile, those with more experience are realizing that entrepreneurship isn’t the only path to success; they are choosing careers that offer stability and consistency.

The New Work Landscape:

In a world marked by hardship and change, there’s an increasing demand for remote work, four-day workweeks, and flexible working arrangements.

These new opportunities empower individuals to balance their careers with personal priorities. We’re no longer tethered to office spaces and rigid working hours; trust and autonomy have reshaped the work landscape.

At its core, this trend is about more than just earning money. It’s about achieving rich experiences, fostering meaningful connections, and having the time to savour life’s pleasures.

While some may believe in the value of working weekends, many are beginning to question whether constant work is the path to success.

Then on top of that, the lovely Tara McMullin, who’s awesome, she posted about a tweet that went viral, and essentially the person was saying, “My dream work is not to work at all”. It was just this absolute paradox between the two views, right?

Because I would say I’m with the latter person. I would love to work less. I’m not even working that much right now. Like I have it pretty blimming good.

Even with two businesses, I’m managing my time and I’m being super productive with it and effective with it and getting momentum in both businesses on far fewer hours than I ever used to in my other business.

Financial Freedom and Flexibility:

Financial freedom and flexibility, whether in your business or career, are vital to living your best life. This freedom, whether it’s through a traditional job or entrepreneurship, allows you to prioritize family, friendships, and quality time.

As we age, we often place a higher premium on security and consistency, seeking the kind of life that offers deep connections and independence.

Reimagining Work:

So, whether you’re contemplating a switch from entrepreneurship to a traditional career or vice versa, the choice is truly yours.

There’s no shame or guilt in quitting a business to take on a valuable role and there’s all the opportunity in the world to try out a new business opportunity and quit your job!

This evolving landscape provides countless opportunities to design a life that aligns with your values, your age, and what truly matters to you.

As we witness this intriguing shift, it’s important to remember that both entrepreneurship and traditional employment have their unique benefits.

But the key difference lies in your ability to choose how you want to structure your work, when you want to work, and how you wish to earn money.

This landscape of work transformation is an opportunity to break free from conventional thinking and discover a path that fulfills your unique vision of life.

So, if you’re at a point in your life where you’re reevaluating your future and considering the right balance between your career, your business, and your lifestyle, take the time to explore your options.

Here’s your action step:

Take some time to reflect on your current work situation, whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, or somewhere in between. Think about your values, priorities, and where you see yourself in the future.


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