Eps 23: Three Ways to Unlock Your Creative Potential

October 11, 2023


Are you looking to become the most creative version of yourself? Would you like to boost and unlock your creative potential in your daily life and work?

If so, then this is the episode to help you unlock those hidden creative gems within you and unleash your inner artist, innovator, and dreamer.

In case you didn’t know creativity has numerous benefits to your life and work including reducing stress and anxiety, encouraging problem-solving and non linear thinking as well as unblocking old habits!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What creativity is and what it can mean to you
  • How to explore the facets of creativity in your day-to-day life and work
  • Three practical exercises to get your creative juices flowing

Shownotes for this Creative Episode

Before we explore the key exercises to boost and unlock your creative potential, let’s take a moment to reflect on what creativity truly means. 

For some, it’s about artistic expression through painting, writing, or music. 

For others, it’s about innovative problem-solving, entrepreneurship, or simply embracing a more imaginative approach to life.

Embrace Your Inner Picasso: Exploring the Facets of Creativity

Creativity is a multifaceted gem that shines differently in each of us. It’s not limited to the arts; it extends to every corner of our lives. 

It’s the spark that fuels innovation, the curiosity that leads to discovery, and the courage to express yourself authentically.

Three Practical Exercises to get your creative juices flowing

How do you ignite that innovative spirit within you? Let’s delve into some practical exercises to awaken your creative genius:

Creative Exercise 1: Morning Pages

  • What It Is: Morning Pages is a practice popularized by Julia Cameron in her book “The Artist’s Way.” It involves writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness thoughts every morning, ideally, as soon as you wake up.
  • How It Works: Set aside dedicated time each morning for this exercise. Find a quiet space and start writing without any specific agenda. Don’t worry about grammar, punctuation, or making sense. Let your thoughts flow naturally.
  • Why It Works: Morning Pages act as a mental decluttering exercise. By getting your thoughts on paper, you free up mental space for creativity and problem-solving. Over time, this practice can help you overcome creative blocks, spark new ideas, and improve your overall creativity.
  • Example: If you’re a writer struggling with writer’s block, Morning Pages might help you stumble upon a random memory from your childhood that triggers an idea for your next story. It’s the act of allowing your mind to wander freely that often leads to creative breakthroughs.

Creative Exercise 2: The Five Whys

  • What It Is: The Five Whys is a problem-solving technique that helps you dig deeper into the root cause of an issue by asking “why” five times in succession.
  • How It Works: Start by clearly defining the problem you’re facing. For each answer you receive, ask “why” again to probe deeper into the underlying factors until you reach the root cause.
  • Why It Works: The Five Whys helps you uncover the true origins of a problem, going beyond surface-level explanations. By understanding the root cause, you can develop more effective and targeted solutions.
  • Example: Let’s say you’re a business owner experiencing a drop in customer retention. After a series of “whys,” you might discover that customers are dissatisfied with the product’s performance due to inadequate communication. By addressing this root issue, you can implement better communication strategies and improve customer retention.

Exercise 3: The Idea Journal

  • What It Is: The Idea Journal is a dedicated notebook or digital document where you capture all your ideas, no matter how wild or practical they may seem.
  • How It Works: Set up a journal specifically for recording ideas. Whenever an idea pops into your head, whether it’s related to a project, a creative endeavor, or a personal goal, immediately jot it down in your Idea Journal.  Periodically review your Idea Journal and categorize or refine your ideas.
  • Why It Works: It prevents valuable ideas from slipping through the cracks and getting forgotten. The act of regularly recording ideas keeps your creative juices flowing and encourages innovative thinking. Your Idea Journal becomes a resource for future projects and planning, helping you stay organized and productive.
  • Example: Imagine you’re a songwriter, and you have a melody idea while you’re out for a walk. You quickly record a voice memo with the melody. Later, when you review your Idea Journal, you listen to the voice memo, and it inspires you to write lyrics and compose a full song around that melody.

Here’s your action step:

Take a moment today to embrace your inner Picasso, to exercise your creative muscles, and to share your creative journey with me by tagging @nataliesisson on Instagram or using #lifepilot in your post.

I’m here to celebrate your creative triumphs and support you in your creative endeavours.

If you want my personal 1-1 help to unlock your creative genius, grow your business and lead a better, more fulfilling life then jump on a 30 minute chat with me here.

Until next time, my fellow creatives, stay inspired, stay curious, and always be the pilot of your own creative destiny.


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