Eps 006: A new twist on the bucket list for living your best life

May 17, 2023


 Do you have big dreams for your future? Are you a bucket list kind of girl or guy? And realistically, how many of those cool things that you’ve decided on that you’d love in your life and to do in your lifetime are actually gonna happen for you?

If you’re sitting there going, you know what, Natalie? I don’t think actually any of these things are gonna come off unless I make a plan or I set an intention, or I get really, really clear on my vision.

You, my friend, are probably correct, and so today I’d like to introduce you to 50 in five. You might have heard of a bucket list, which is typically when you create a big, long list of all the things you’d love to do in this world.

Some people have done a really awesome job of going after that bucket list and they’ll usually set an intention for like 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, even a hundred things on their bucket list to do in a lifetime.

Now I would like to challenge you to actually go after fewer things in a shorter period of time with this concept of 50 in 5.That’s because we often underestimate what we can achieve in a three, five, or 10 plus year timeframe, and we overestimate what we can achieve in a year.

So rather than setting yourself up for failure and trying to put 20 or 30 things to do on your list in the next year, I wanna invite you to create a bigger, longer term vision for yourself and make this a fun journey and adventure.

Listen in or watch below to learn how.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What the 50 in 5 method is better than a bucket list
  • Why it’s so much fun for your bringing your dreams to life
  • My exact 50 before I’m 50 list shared with you in full transparency
  • Why this makes you more motivated to do what you love now, not in the future.

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Do you have big dreams for your future? Are you a bucket list kind of girl or guy? And realistically, how many of those cool things that you’ve decided on that you’d love in your life and to do in your lifetime are actually gonna happen for you?

If you’re sitting there going, you know what, Natalie? I don’t think actually any of these things are gonna come off unless I make a plan or I set an intention, or I get really, really clear on my vision.

You, my friend, are probably correct, and so today I’d like to introduce you to 50 in five. I’m gonna tell you all about that concept, but first off, you are tuning in to the Life Pilot podcast. What is Life Pilot? Life Pilot is a tool and methodology for turning your dreams into reality. It is a whole of life planning tool that is more than just about goal setting.

It’s actually about creating a rhythm and habits for you to introduce. Serious change into your life so that you go after the life that you want and you design it on your own terms. You can find out more at lifepilot.co.

And now let’s get on with this episode of the Life Pilot podcast. Alright, so what is the concept of 50 and five?

Well, as I mentioned at the beginning, you might have heard before of a bucket list, which is typically when you create a big, long list of all the things you’d love to do in this world. And you know, some people have done a really awesome job of going after that and they’ll usually set an intention for like 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, even a hundred things on their bucket list to do in a lifetime.

Now I would like to challenge you to actually go after fewer things in a shorter period of time.

And that’s because we often underestimate what we can achieve in a three, five, or 10 plus year timeframe, and we overestimate what we can achieve in a year. So rather than setting yourself up for failure and trying to put 20 or 30 things to do on your list in the next year, I wanna invite you to create a bigger, longer term vision for yourself and make this a fun journey and adventure.

There’s another thing that has been really, really proven by research, but also my own adventures into this space, is that the more that you can get really clear on your longer term vision, the more you actually start to invite that into your day-to-day reality. And again, that kind of comes back to a whole philosophy behind LifePilot which is identifying what’s really important to you, what your focus is, what you want to prioritize, what really matters to you and is meaningful to you, and making a plan to invite more of that into your life today, not in a year from now, or five years down the track.

And so I have long been a big fan of something that we call. Life canvas, which is really painting a beautiful picture for your life three years from now, but written in the present tense. And it is a beautiful method that we incorporate into life Pilot, and I’ll do a future episode on it, but if you’d like to know more about it, you should definitely join my upcoming version of the Life Pilot Live 30 day Experience where I will share it with you in full, the exact methodology and even the life canvas template because it is so powerful.

It is incredible when you put down on paper exactly what you’d like in detail and the meaning behind that and the focus behind that, and more importantly, the intention behind that vision that you have for yourself it is quite powerful. The universe comes to play in full force, your friends, your colleagues, your besties, everybody comes out to support you on this dream and vision. When you get that crystal clear, however, it could also be a little daunting, right? To like, look at your three or five year plan, or, you know, Natalie, where are you gonna be 10 years from now?

It’s a pretty big question to ask yourself across the areas of life that matter to you most. And so what I like is a bit of a, I guess you’d say it’s an entree to the main dinner or the main event, is this idea of 50 and five.

Simply put this as 50 things that you would really like to do in the next five years. These can be tiny little things through to really big, dreamy awesome things that you’d like to do, and the beauty of it is, is that you can then incorporate that back into your annual goals, your quarterly goals, your monthly goals, and your weekly goals, because the smaller things that you can tick off sooner, you might be able to smash a few of those out in the weekend.

Maybe you’re gonna go on a trip with your favorite ladies in your life, or you’re gonna go on a holiday and you can actually tick off five of these amazing things that you really wanted to do.  And more importantly, the whole point behind this 50 and five exercise is to actually have fun and dream about what you’d really like to be doing in your life. And it might surprise you.

So in full transparency, I am going to share with you today my 50 by 50 list, because in five years time I will be 50. And so I recently wrote up 50 things that I would love to do by the time I’m 50, but the reason we encourage you to do it for a five year period is that it’s actually really achievable, even if it’s a bit of a stretch.

It basically means you’re doing around 10 big or little things a year on that list of 50. And if you get through it quicker, then you can add more in or you can simply start a new one. But 50 things over five years is about 10 things a year to check off your list of, you know, amazing things that you’ve wanted to achieve to be, to do and to have.

So I’m gonna share with you mine. We wrote these while we were driving a motor home up to a family festival here in New Zealand. It’s our first time ever driving a motor home . It was so much fun. It was such an adventure, and it was actually one of those bucket list items that I had for a long time.

So I had hired it well in advance. We had it for about five days, and we drove up the north island of New Zealand to this gorgeous regional park to hang out at this amazing festival. And it was just a really beautiful experience. And while we were driving, we obviously had a lot of time in between Little Leo, our toddler was sitting in between us, bouncing away in his car seat, having an awesome time, and we were looking at all the beautiful scenery.

I do think road trips are a really amazing time to set visions and intensions for yourself because one, you get to chat to your bestie or your partner, your husband, your wife, whoever it is that you’re traveling with, and you get to really imagine and talk through things because you’ve got often ample space and time.

Second, you’re not really looking at each other so you get to focus more on what you’re thinking about and just be able to sort of free speech it out. Um, and third, you’ve usually got. Some pretty interesting scenery, and in our case it was spectacular. But for you, it might just spark some creativity and imagination that you wouldn’t normally have if you were just at home or you know, in a local cafe down the road.

So highly suggest that whenever you’re doing any visioning or any long-term planning to get yourself out of your normal environment and spark more joy, creativity, and imagination. So on the course of while I was driving the big motor home, Gloria was her name, up the North island josh was basically scribing on his phone and literally these came out of, it feels like they came out of nowhere.

But once I started, I couldn’t stop. I thought it would be really hard to get to 50. The first five were kind of challenging, and then I got to just drop any pretense or any expectation about what was possible and just let rip on things that came to me that I thought I might really like to be, do or have.

So without any further ado, let me read them off to you. I’d be curious to know if any of these are on your list. They are in no particular order, so we basically did five and then five and five. Because in between time we’d be chatting, we’d be chatting about that particular thing that I put there.

Was it really important to me? Or, oh, what? That brought that up for me. Where has that come from? Is it a long held thing or is it a new thing or did it just pop into my mind? So just enjoy this process and you’ll be surprised at what comes out. And I’m gonna read these back to you. I haven’t looked at them since we did them about a month ago.

And my next step with these is to categorize them into the six areas of life that are categorized in our Lifepilot tool and methodology. And then to actually put timelines to them. So to pick which ones I wanna be doing in the next year, the next two years, three years, four years, and five years. And you’ll probably be able to dissect that as I read them out to you, because some of them are definitely longer term picture ones and some of them are just fun that I could probably do on a weekend or even book in in the next few weeks.

So here we go. Okay, so this is fun actually.

1. Perform in a musical.

2. Write another book. I have three number one Amazon bestselling books, but I would really like to write another. And the topic is to be decided.

3.International multi-language LifePilot business.

So right now, actually at the time of recording, I’m really excited to say that the first ever Portuguese LifePilot cohort is happening live. Thanks to my dear friend Sandra Chemin, and she is trialing this on her Portuguese clients and students. So that is actually kind of happening already.

But I would say for me it is to finally have this beautiful tool and methodology in many other languages so that people can experience it and the transformation that you can get from being intentional about your life. I just can’t wait for that to happen.

4. Surfing proficiently. You can see that my mind was as kind of popping around here and maybe that’s because I learnt to actually surf in Portugal and I did about 30 days of surfing and I would really like to get ourselves in a place where I can practice that and surf more regularly.

5. I’d like to play three songs on the guitar or piano. Now why this is interesting is that we have a piano and I can play a number of songs about as badly as I could play them back when I was 15 and I got to grade four in piano. But I do play pretty regularly and there’s some beautiful songs and I would like to learn three really, really well that I can also sing.

And I put guitar in there because I did learn to play the guitar years and years ago. And like many people, I gave it up cuz it was actually just too hard to schedule the lesson with my teacher and I didn’t practice in between. So obviously it wasn’t important to me at the time. I was probably taking too much on, but now for whatever reason, music is becoming more and more important to me.

And I think it’s about tapping into a creative talent inside of me that brings joy. Okay, so those were the first five and pretty random, right?

6. A three month family, European adventure. I miss traveling. I can’t wait to travel. There’ll be a certain age when it is gonna be amazing to bring Leo along on our adventures.

When he’s going to be able to fully immerse himself in the experience, he’s gonna be able to remember it, which is more important, and we’re gonna be able to afford a big first class family trip around the world and particularly in Europe because I just think that is a beautiful starting point and it’s an amazing place to be able to travel because of the trains and how easy it is to hire cars and get around and go through countries without having to travel over, you know, seas and take lots of flights.

So it can be a pretty amazing way to travel and economical and a little bit better on the climate.

7. I want to do a day trip on three of the eight Great Walks. So there are eight great walks in New Zealand. I have done one and so I would like to do three of them.

And I would actually like to do a day trip because it’s going to be more manageable in the next five years, until again, Leo gets a little bit older and he can come with us and do multi-day walks. So that’s a good one because they actually have to choose which of the three. And then we have to plan Cause you have to book them in.

8. I would like to go sailing in the Greek Islands. I have actually been to Greece before twice, but I have not sailed there. My cousin Nick, currently is there with his boat. And so I’m working on, you know, how quickly could we actually make this happen.

9. I wanna do an immersive cooking course.

Yeah, because I do, I haven’t specified whether I want that to be in a particular culinary area or, whether I want it to be Italian or French or whatever, cooking. I just wanna do an immersive cooking course.

10. I would like to do another TED Talk. I did a TED Talk in 2016. It’s called the Surprising Truth About Freedom.

It’s actually here close to a hundred thousand views, which is really exciting. And I would like to do another TED Talk on a completely different topic.

11. A sporting individual pursuit. I have long been a big fan of having. Sporting Pursuit. So I have done the Half Iron Man. I have Dragon Boated across the English channel and broken a world record. I have won a gold medal and beach Ultimate Frisbee in Brazil.

I’ve cycled down Africa about six and a half thousand Ks. So I’ve done a number of cool things and I want to do another. So there’s definitely a desire for me to do something, either on my own or with my family, but I want it to be a big physical pursuit that stretches me and challenges me.

So if you have any suggestions, please put them in the comments below the video. DM me on Instagram @nataliesisson I would just be really, really curious to know what you have in mind for me that I could do. All right.

12. Cycle a thousand kilometers of New Zealand so I don’t get outta my bike as much anymore. But New Zealand has some incredible cycling trails, particularly rail trails. And so I would really like to do a thousand kilometers, which is actually incredibly doable. And if I break it down, it is probably something that I could do with a bit of training, um, over about a two week period.

But you’ll note that I haven’t put a timeline on this. So it also allows me over five years to do a thousand kilometers. Now you may think that’s cheating, or you may just think that’s smart, but essentially, Over the space of the next five years, I’d like to cycle a thousand kilometers within New Zealand.

13. I would like to go to the Gwinganna retreat. This is a beautiful retreat. Actually it’s on a property in Australia set up, in part by Hugh Jackman, and it is an incredible retreat for yourself to go and reset your. Well, everything it is for your pleasure. It is for your health. It is for your nutrition.

It is basically a retreat and a return to your best version of yourself. And so they have retreats all the time. There are varying lengths of five to seven days, and that one, I think I’m gonna be putting on the agenda for next year as a treat to myself.

I want to do, I don’t know why..

14. An impromptu, acapella song on stage at an event. I really like singing. I think it’d be really fun. You’re probably starting to see a bit of theatrical musical stuff coming through, and that, to be honest, is just a long held desire to do more of that. And it’s also a little bit daunting. So I like to put those things into challenge myself and stretch myself.

15. Conversational in Spanish, so I have learnt Spanish before I am, I would say ‘Muy malo’ at it. I, I’m probably. Yeah, no, I’m really not that great at it. I’m much better at German, and even that is flagging because I simply don’t practice. So I want to be conversational in Spanish.

16. Get to beginner level Italian

There’s this weird thing in my mind that I really would like Leo to. Grow up with Italy as his like second home. We used a combination of our last names to name him Valison. So he’s Leonardo Valison and I think it sounds incredibly Italian and there’s something beautiful about Italy in their culture and their family and the way they live that I really like.

And I was wondering if we could just literally adopt that for Leo. So it may be that I learn Italian instead. So that makes it a bit easier when we’re traveling around there. Either way, this is more about a very long held. Desire to fully learn a language and be conversational in it. Not amazing, not corporate level cause why am I gonna need that?

But just to be able to speak because I do love the Spanish language. I love the Italian language, I love French. So it’s just like for me, for goodness sake, Natalie, learn the freaking language and take the time. And it’s also brilliant for your brain and it expands you in so many different ways, not just linguistically.

17. I would like to do a rally drive. I love fast cars. I like running, and I think that’s a pretty accessible one to hit somebody up and say, can I be your co-pilot? Although I do appreciate co-pilot and rally driving is very important to have somebody who’s really good at navigating.  So however, I want to be in a rally drive, whether I’m in the backseat or flying around on the roof of the car.

18. I would like to go to a Formula One event. I have been a long time fan of Formula One, not just since Drive to Survive came along. Actually back when I was a kid and I think, of the three that I would most like to go to, the Singapore one sounds like it’s pretty amazing. You’re able to watch it from apartment building, some rooftops.

You don’t necessarily have to be right down in the pit lane area, which you’re not allowed to be anyway, but you know, right down in the heart of it, I think the Melbourne Grand Prix would be pretty spectacular. It’s around Albert Lake and just a beautifully accessible one and it’s very close for us to be able to fly to.

Then I do think that either, well, Monaco Grand Prix I mean, who doesn’t wanna go to that and hang out in boats and yachts and just, you know, be there to witness that event like no other. So a Formula One event, anybody got tickets or wanna invite me along? Hit me up.

19. I would like to run three epic retreats.

I have actually run many retreats over the last, oh my gosh, seven years in Bali, in Portugal, in Spain. I just love running retreats. I think there’s something really beautiful about bringing people together from an experience that takes ’em out of their daily life and allows them to dream big and imagine a bigger, better lifestyle.

And also focus in particularly the ones that I used to run on your business and, how you wanted it to be and how you wanted to live your life, and how you wanted that to all play out. So I am very interested going forward in running LifePilot retreats and spectacular places around the world.

20. I would like to go on a trip to Africa with our friends. I would like to go on a trip to Africa with our friends, Yoseph is actually from Ethiopia, Songyi is from Korea. He’s doing a lot of amazing web three work in Africa at the moment, and I would just really love to go with somebody who is from that continent and is willing to just bring us along on that adventure, and meet a lot of the locals and be immersed in a lot of the experiences.

So again, that’s definitely the five year mark because we would love to be able to go as a family, and, you know, plan for it.

21. I want to have finished a property development. So with our business that we have between Josh and I Fraemohs Homes. I would really love to be able to do a property development into a land and house package.

It is, out of my expertise mix right now. Let’s face it, everything in the building industry is out of my expertise. But I’m fast learning and I’ve always loved property and I would love to do a development. And there’s a really great piece of land that I have my eye on. So I feel like this one’s in the next couple of years.

22. I want to have completed a subdivision, whether that’s on our existing property that we own in Gisborne or, to do one of these land and house packages. So I’m just really curious about the process of what a subdivision takes. I imagine it’s a long, lengthy and expensive process, but then it does allow you to have more housing and that is what we need.

23. So for my 50th birthday, I would love to have an epic birthday bash in an exotic location. For my 40th I held that in Bali. I had actually just run a five day freedom retreat there. And then after it, everybody came and met me at the retreat venue and we hung out for several days and it was amazing.

So I’d like to do that again, and I’d like to plan for it and have more people and just make it spectacular and with the best people in the world who I love and adore, and hopefully they feel the same way about me.

24. I would like to have bought a beach bach, whether this is near the beach or on a hill. Just thinking about climate change, we would really love a property by the ocean, whether it’s small and humble or, whether over the years it becomes a little bit more amazing and we spend more time there.  That is on the agenda, and that is definitely on the long scale end of the five year horizon.

25. I would like to do a camel trek in the Sahara Desert, and I have no frigging idea why. It just sounds cool. That honestly was just one that popped out of my brain. If anybody’s done one, feel free to let me know if you have any recommendations.

26. I would like to do a 10 day meditation retreat. I’m reading that one now going, do I really do I really like, this is a silent meditation retreat. Cause 10 days is a long freaking time to be silent, especially when you’re me. But yeah, that would, that’s on there.

27. I want to have sold a piece of original artwork, yet I haven’t picked up the paintbrush since I had Leo. So when I was on maternity leave, I did go and do some painting.

I’ve done a few pieces of artwork around the house. I literally do not prioritize it or get down to the art shed, which is fast becoming the Fraemohs Homes office and for all our supplies. But I think over the next few years, I can prioritize having some more creative art time and I would like to have sold a piece.

An original work. There you go.

28. I want to have planted 500 trees, so if I break that down, that’s a hundred trees a year. I just planted eight the other day. Shrubs. I think that counts. Anyway, the point is that one feels a little bit more daunting for sure, but I feel like I’ll be doing a little bit more on my part towards helping the climate and we have a lot of land and it would be beautiful to continue to steward this land and plant a tree.

29. I want to have designed a future family home, whether this is through Fraemohs Homes or just through our own efforts, but I would love to design our dream home. I mean the one that we live in right now is pretty spectacular. However, the longer you live in a place, you start to know how you use it and what’s important.

So I’d really love to go on that journey. I know it is also not an easy one and there’s a lot involved, so I feel like that is definitely closer to the end of the five year horizon, and it’s gonna take probably a good. Year’s worth of work and planning and dreaming. Wish me like, all right.

30. I want to have skippered a yacht.

I actually technically have been on a yacht before and yeah, I have been at the helm of a boat, steering it.

I used to be the person who was always putting up the head sail in the spinnaker and taking it all down in high stress environments. Not serious, saying I was brilliant at it, but always ended up being me. But I’ve never skippered a boat.  Like I haven’t charted one and I haven’t navigated it through the open seas, and I think that would be pretty neat.

Maybe that one combines in with the Monaco Grand Prix say, or the Greek Islands trip, you know, now I’m starting to match them up. So you’ll start to see, as I’m reading these out, hopefully it’s sparking some joy and creativity in you and some ideas about what you want to do. Well, maybe all of the things that I’ve said so far are the furthest idea from your reality of fun and adventure and what you’d like to do.

That’s great because you do you, but I hope it’s giving you some inspiration. All right.

31. I would like to have contributed to or produced a first documentary. I have no idea why, but for the last probably 10 years, I have been really fascinated by documentaries. I know how much work they are, I know how much they can cost, and I know how much skill and talent you need to bring one together.

So rather than just produce one, I’ve said I would like to have contributed to or produce one. I have a lot of talented friends in this industry and honestly, that one just feels like a bit of a long termer. Like I’ll pop that in there. It’s a potential. I’ve had many ideas on what I think it could be about, and I really wanna test whether this is something that is very important to me or more something that I think I have had a long held desire for, but maybe the reality of it is not actually the same as the desire. To be proven.

32. I want to have met Trevor Noah in person. So Trevor Noah is an amazing comedian. He is incredibly smart. He’s written the most amazing book. He has hosted a daily show for the better part of, I don’t know how many years.

And I just think he’s a spectacular human who I would personally like to have met in person. So if I can’t meet him in person, I’d like to go to one of his shows. There you go.

33. I would like to have enjoyed my first solo adventure with Leo. I haven’t specified what that is,. He and I are gonna go on a mum and son trip together and it’ll be epic and cool. And it might involve like theme parks and rollercoaster rides and stuff like that.

34. I would like to have gone to summer song. Summer song is a beautiful experience where you get to immerse yourself in music, singing music and learning music.

And so this was something that Josh actually suggested that a talented man has been doing in Byron Bay for decades. And then he doesn’t just do it in Australia. He takes people to other places. I think it’s held over the space of a week and I just think it could be in a really immersive, amazing experience that is very much out of my ordinary.

35. I would like to have created my first sculpture again, I have no idea why this made it on the list. I’ll leave that one there.

36. I would like to have attended a red carpet event like Cannes Film Festival. I just think it’s really neat to have a reason to dress up and hob knob with creative, amazing, talented people and look incredible.

And I don’t know, I just, something, I’m sure many people have this on their bucket list or their 50 by five list. I just wanna go to a red carpet event. I dunno, I, it’s not about vanity. It’s just something about being present at one of those events, just seeing what it’s all about is the glitz and glamor.

Really worth it? Is it a whole lot of fun? I guess it depends on who you go with, who you’re there to support. Alright. Maybe I could combine the documentary with a red carpet event. If I have to create my own thinking ahead.

37. I would like to have experienced zero gravity. Pretty sure there are places that you can do that, so I just think it’d be really fascinating.

38. I want to have done an RV and surfing trip across Aussie, so, RV stands for a recreational vehicle, so a camper van, or a motor home. I just think that’d be epic. Just drive along, find surf spots as a family, enjoy work remotely or maybe just be on holiday for a few months.

39. I would like to have experienced a day of circus training. I think there’s actually a circus training option in Wellington, which is not far from where we live. I think I need to do that sooner rather than later, while I’m nimble and agile and strong. I’m just really curious. What does it feel like to be on a trapeze and all the other things.

40. I would like to have, experience being in a fighter jet or something similar.

Yes, I’m a Top Gun fan. Yes, I’m a Maverick fan through and through. But besides that, I’m just really fascinated by these incredibly fast, powerful, nimble, just the G forces. To be in one of those fighter jets must be amazing. So, I have done gliding, I have been in helicopters, I’ve been in planes. But something of that capacity would be pretty incredible experience in my opinion.

41. I would like to design, organize, and host an in-person event, empowering women entrepreneurs that also fundraises for women starting up and developing countries. That one was pretty specific. I think also inspired by some of my friends who are doing work around the world where there are developing nations that are doing incredible stuff, and I’d love to do a sort of a win-win event. Just feel like that’s on the future horizon.

42. I would like to experience kite surfing. That one’s pretty self-explanatory.

43. I would like to visit Morocco. When I was in Portugal I never got down to Morocco. I would like to visit Morocco. There are actually several other countries that I’d like to go to still including India.

But Morocco over the next five years probably, cuz we’re planning on getting back to Portugal and doing some surfing and showing Leo around and catching up with friends. And so it’s an easy trip.

44. I would like to go on a boutique cruise somewhere exotic. I love River Cruises Pretty cool. Or Ocean cruises.

45. I would like to stay in an Airbnb tree house. Who wouldn’t want to? Well, maybe you wouldn’t. I’d love to stay in an Airbnb treehouse. Luckily they have the option for you to search on staying in kind of bizarre and peculiar and wondrous places.

There are five left.

46. See Ed Sheeran in concert again. So I got to see Ed Sheeran and Dunedin, and he was in a huge stadium and I really felt like Ed is better in an intimate environment where you know there’s only a few thousand people and it’s inside, and you get to fully appreciate his incredible talent. And at the stadium, you know, he’s doing all his looping and it’s just him in this huge stadium. And I just felt like it got lost.

Then I didn’t book tickets to the next tour that he did where he just filled the stadium in Wellington and had an incredible show with all these people and all this lighting and all this entertainment and looked epic. And I didn’t go. And so I know he’ll be doing future concerts, I really hope.

And I just, I just adore Ed Sheeran, everything about him and think he’s incredibly talented and an amazing writer, singer, songwriter husband, good guy. Just love to see him in concert. Other concerts I can go to, but he’s like, The one that I’d like to see again.

47. I would like to experience Burning Man with friends, preferably friends who have been before. Yeah, it’s on the list. So many friends have been to it. I’d really like to go.

48. I would like to build a playhouse for Leo now that we have all these building supplies here. We, Josh and I wanna build him a playhouse with the existing supplies that we have, and I think it’ll just be a really cool experience.

49. I’d like to do the Whanganui River trip. It just seems so odd just popping that one in there. Now it’s a sort of a multi-day experience kayaking down the Wanganui River and you camp and it, it just seems like a really beautiful way to spend time with friends and have amazing conversations and adventure in nature.

And finally 50. I would like to join and sing in a band. That has been on my list for a wee while. My sister was in a band for many years, Mocha Chocha Latte, and I used to love going to see her play at gigs, and I think it, it really expanded her. It gave her so much joy. Creatively as well as her voice really improved over time.

Just was a different purpose for her and a beautiful creative outlet.  And I would really like to be in a band and perform. I don’t even care if it’s for a few months, but I would just really like that experience. So watch this space.

I hope that this has given you some idea about how wide ranging your list can be of 50 things that you’d like to do in the next five years. You might have completely different things on there. I’m obviously at a certain stage in my life with a young toddler, and so there’s things that I’m working around. We have four businesses between us. We have a lot going on, and so it’s more about what’s important to me, what am I seeking personally, and which ways would I like to expand and what experiences would I like to have myself and as a family and with friends and with clients and students.

You can see these grow across all sort of different facets of life, and I really encourage you to do this because even just rereading this list has got me excited. It got me thinking bigger. It got me really appreciating what is important to me. Josh then wrote his list and sharing it publicly is a fantastic way to get people on board, to get them to come out of the woodworks and support you.

To share ideas, to actually help you achieve some of these things. And it also makes them very real when you share something publicly about what you’d like to be do and have you put intention behind it because now you’ve put it out there, you’re holding yourself accountable to actually make this happen.

Am I gonna get all 50 done? I’m not sure I’m gonna give it a damn good shot. And I think I’m gonna have a pretty amazing time and a very eye-opening time trying to do it. So I would really encourage you to do this.

If trying to think of 50 things to do in the next five years honestly daunts you then just start with your perfect day.

I have a free template.And it is a beautiful exercise.

Download the free Perfect Day Exercise Template

It’ll take you about half an hour for you to dream on your perfect day from the moment you wake up to the moment your head touches the pillow at night, and it is powerful and it works.

And what it does is it starts to shift things that you feel are out of your reach or beyond what’s possible now into your everyday life. And trust me, it works.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Life Pilot podcast. If you have, please smash that like button and subscribe to this channel and even leave a comment with some ideas for me on my 50 before 50 list. I would really appreciate it. Have an amazing day.

And if you enjoyed listening to this, can you do me a favour? If you’ve enjoyed listening to this episode, can you share it please with your hardworking parental friends who are deep in the chaos of trying to figure out all the things, leading a really busy life, trying to balance all the demands who might just benefit from understanding how to set an intentional calendar.

Sure. There’s a little bit of work up front and a little bit of negotiation and chatting with your wonderful partner and even your kids, depending on the age they are.

But this investment will make a lifetime of delicious, calm, relaxed, sorted scheduling forevermore. And also, if you’ve enjoyed this episode, not only can you share it, you can head across and leave a little rating and review on whatever podcast platform you’re listening to.


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