Make 2024 the year you create more time and money freedom than ever before with...

Are you are sick and tired of telling yourself that this year you will make real change in your life and do things differently, only to find yourself stuck in your same old habits, patterns and behaviours that keep you stuck in a less than  awesome life.

This year I want you to break free from the cycle of unfulfilled hopes and dreams and embark on a journey of real personal growth!  It's time we rewrite a new story for you in 2024, one that gets you actual results you've always dreamed of.

The TRUTH is resolutions don't work, but setting goals and intentions + creating new habits linked to your purpose DO!

According to recent studies:

The act of setting clear goals alone means you're 79% likely to achieve them!
The power of setting specific, achievable goals can't be underestimated. Momentum is designed to show you how to use our LifePilot tool and methodology to turn your dreams into goals and your goals into reality.

You're 92% likely to succeed when you track your progress. The simple act of tracking your progress dramatically increases your chances of success. Using our simple yet powerful LifePilot tool will keep you focused on setting and tracking your goals every week, month and quarter so you're able to conquer even the loftiest of goals.

If you share your goals you are 33% more likely to achieve them! That's because accountability is the key to success and in Momentum it's baked in! You'll join an intimate community of like-minded individuals committed to having their best year too. Together, we can create real change, lasting habits that work and dreams that come true!

What makes Momentum unique?

Momentum is an intimate LIVE group coaching experience designed to give you the insight, accountability and belief to create the life and business that you deserve in 2024!

Most courses or programs I've seen try to do just one thing - teach you something new. 

But the real key to mastery and making true change is to implement what you learn.

Knowledge without action is just learning wasted.

The minute you can teach the principles you learn to yourself and others, you know you're on the path to mastery and understanding how to use the power of your new found knowledge to create a real difference in your life.

That's why Momentum has a three-prong approach for you to actually get you different results in 2024 and help you make real progress towards your dreams and desires.

Together, over 10 live weekly coaching sessions starting April 1, 2024 we will:

#1. Bite-sized Learning - Each week you will also have time to implement in real time so you make more progress in 10 weeks than you would in a whole year!

#2. Real-time implementation - On each live call you will also have time to implement in real time so you make more progress in 10 weeks than you would in a whole year!

#3. Expert Life and Business Coaching - You get access to me as your personal Coach, Cheerleader and accountability bestie. I will help you up-level your life, upgrade your mindset and call out the B.S holding you back!

Throughout the 10 weeks together you’ll not only be learning all about the juicy week’s topic but also engaging in enlightening discussions and ‘doing’ the work.

In short it's going to be a 60 min session each week to:

  • Learn or implement
  • Track goals and celebrate progress
  • Get coached on what you need most

Live Calls will take place every Wednesday at 10am NZ time /8am Sydney time.
That's every Tuesday at 1pm PST/ 4pm EST/ 9pm UK, with the first starting April 1st!).

BONUS: Accountability and support is the key to keeping you motivated and focused on our journey together. So in between the calls you'll be part of a supportive Facebook group where you can share your goals, actions and wins with liked-minded people in  Momentum and stay on track to achieve your deepest desires and dreams!

Natalie is a shining rock star as a Coach!I really appreciate her positive vibes, her energy, her engagement, which goes much beyond my expectations. She asks me questions that really make me think and move me forward. I can see there is a lot of work happening in my head and a lot of transformation in me. And clarity and confidence are starting to win over my limiting beliefs, beliefs that I've had and all I can say is thank you, Natalie.

Mirka Seidl

I'm sitting here with tears glistening. I just hit my money goals for the month. I could and would not have done this without Natalie. A business owner for the last 7 years, I found myself floundering as my life took a spin. Working with Natalie was a much needed step in my life and in the life of my business. In less than five months I have re-centered myself in my why and restructured my business model.

Amanda Workman

Who is Momentum for?

You are a proud parent, with a demanding career and wanting to build a beautiful family life, but the reality is you're constantly frazzled and your big dreams are slipping away.

You're a busy professional with too many things on your to-do list as well as a full on life outside of work and finish the year strong.

You're an entrepreneur juggling too many projects and ideas and always feeling overwhelmed. You've had a tough year you want to reclaim!

I promise you that by the end of our 10 weeks together you will:
  • Feel more in control of your life, less overwhelmed and more focused
  • Have a 3 year vision in place that excites you
  • Have your Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly goals set to make that vision totally doable for 2024
  • Developed an intentional weekly schedule  that gets you in flow and prioritizes what's important
  • Created a habit of strategically working on yourself, your mindset and your behaviours to create true change in how you live your life
  • Learned new tools and methods to continually create space for your big life vision to become a reality far sooner than you imagined

Here's what we will cover in 10 weeks! 

Week 1: dream up your big picture vision (1 April)

  • You will learn how to use the amazing Life Canvas tool to create a 3 year vision for your life and business that inspires you. Way more powerful than any vision board, this is a beautiful exercise to go through together to help you really lean into future you and what you truly want out of life, and more importantly how to make it happen. 

Week 2: Set your inspiring annual goals and intentions (8 April)

  • Together we will take your Life Canvas 3 year vision and turn this into practical goals and intentions for the year ahead, that make your dreams achievable and motivate you to take action! This is no ordinary goal-setting process, you'll learn how to craft goals of what you want to BE, DO and HAVE that keep you motivated and inspired.

Week 3: Set up your intentional weekly calendar (15 April)

  • You'll be introduced to the Intentional Calendar to ensure you make time for all the things that matter to you and create true time freedom, by creating your winning weekly schedule that sets you up for success. No more winging each week and wasting precious time, whether you're a busy parent or solo go-getter, this will seriously change the way in which you live your life for the better!

Week 4: Set Yourself Up For An epic 90 days (22 April)

  • This will be your true introduction to LifePilot - the strategic life planning tool and methodology I co-created to help you turn your big dreamy dreams into reality every week. We will start with setting powerful 90 days goals across the most important areas of life to you for this quarter. I will walk you through how to then translate those 90 days goals into your monthly goals for February so you get real momentum!

Week 5: Design Your Ideal Lifestyle and Live It (29 april)

  • You'll learn the art of Lifestyle Design to achieve a life you truly desire, that is suited to you, what matters to you and how to you want to live, work and play. We will find and explore your creative outlets that bring you joy and energy and how to incorporate them into your LifePilot goals.
  • I'll also personally help you set your weekly goals, based off the monthly goals you set in week 3 so you can truly start to get comfortable with using LifePilot to get the most out of your life.

Week 6: identify your core values (6 May)

  • If you want more purpose and meaning in your life, it makes all the difference if you know what your core values are in life. In this fun session we will help you identify yours and then show you how to weave these into your goals and intentions. 
  • We will also take time to track and share your progress so far with your LifePilot goals and intentions, so that you can adjust, reset or celebrate your journey so far.

Week 7: HOw to build Wealth and Abundance (13 may)

  • Understand Money Psychology and start to change habits that are keeping you stuck, poor and restricted. I'll walk you through the key steps to creating wealth and creating your rich life.
  • We will then focus on how to create multiple income streams to fuel your ideal lifestyle that align with your values, strengths and unique personality. 

Week 8: Review, Adjust and Celebrate (20 may)

  • It's time for a check-in and to reinvigorate your 90-day goals so you're focused and fierce. We will also set monthly goals for March that inspire you and propel you towards your 90 day goals. 
  • Get set to celebrate your progress and small wins so you feel encouraged to go further and faster, and I will take time to coach you to identify your unique challenges and setbacks so you can become the best version of YOU!

Week 9: Create Powerful Habits for Success (27 May)

  • Get ready to learn the power of habit stacking to ensure that you stay motivated and excited for your 2024 plans and make everyday count, with maximum focus, productivity and a work ethic that rocks.
  • I'll also show you to how to set boundaries to protect what matters and take back your control in life and work, so that you get to do what YOU want versus trying to please everyone else but you.

Week 10: motivation, self-care and Rituals for life (3 june)

  • To finish up 10 weeks of Momentum together, you'll leave having created your ideal daily routine that works for YOU, that will keep you motivated and energised throughout 2024 and beyond. 
  • You'll learn the powerful routines of happy and successful people and how to apply these to your own life, and how to build your own cheerleading the to keep the momentum and accountability going! 

bonus workshop: Create your 1 Page profitable Biz Plan 

  • Instant access to this workshop where you'll be taken through my exact 1 page Biz Plan process that's  fun and profitable!
  • You'll understand what income streams will get you the revenue goals you most desire
  • You'll get my 1 Page Biz Plan template to map out your big juicy plans on
  • I share my exact business plan goals, strategies and income projection for 2024 too!

Bonus workshop: Finding the Treasure from 2023 

  • In this BONUS workshop you'll be guided through a reflection process to find the gems from 2023 that you can capitalise on in 2024
  • You'll do exercises to help you understand the key takeaways of the last 12 months and what needs to change for things to be even better in the New Year 
  • You'll learn the key to upgrading your mindset and how to overcome limiting beliefs 

You get $1978 in value

US $333
one off

Monthly (3x $111.00)

Weekly (11x $33.00)

  • 10 weekly Momentum LIVE coaching sessions (value $1000) with in built learning, coaching and implementation
  • Action-based learning: Access bite-sized learning every week to help you supercharge your lifestyle, relationships, finances, personal growth, wellness, work and finances.
  • Results every week: Everything you learn we implement in real time and over the 10 weeks together so you get real results in realtime.
  • Weekly Accountability (value $400):  Set and achieve your epic goals and with your own Certified Holistic Life and Business Coach, Natalie to cheer you on and keep you accountable in between calls
  • VIP community space (value $197) to keep you motivated, supported and on track during our 10 weeks together and to share your journies. 
  • LifePilot Tool and Life Canvas (value $97):  Stay focused, motivated and on track using our LifePilot tool to set your goals and intentions and Life Canvas to realise your big 3 year vision.
  • Our Intentional Calendar method (value $37) to make sure you create time and space for your dreams to come true.
  • Printable version of the LifePilot tool (value $27) for paper-based lovers your Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly Goal setting
  • LifePilot template for Notion (value $47)- project management tool
  • BONUS Biz Planning Workshop (value $100)
    Learn how to get your 2024 profitable plan in place. Includes my infamous 1 Page Biz Plan template and process plus I reveal my 2024 plan and income. 
  • BONUS Finding the Gold Workshop (value $100)- to guide you through a powerful reflection process to mine for gold in this current year, and take what works into 2024 as well as a Mindset Shifting process to get rid of limiting beliefs and create magic in the New Yea.

Let me be your guide, coach and biggest cheerleader!

Hi! I'm Natalie Sisson.

I run two businesses, have a gorgeous toddler, hubby and a big lifestyle property. I'm also a Holistic Life and Business Coach, founder of LifePilot - a simple yet powerful tool to turn your dreams into reality.

I juggle a lot in my life and most of the time I do it in style because I use LifePilot to prioritise my goals and dreams, manage my time and priorities and lead a life with intention.

I can't wait to show you how to do the same, and have the best final quarter of the year ever with my 10 week curriculum designed to make you feel like you just had your best year ever - all in one quarter!

LifePilot the tool is really amazing, it's working so well for me because it is simple, it is something I can stick to. The concept of 3 is powerful and for the first time I have a tool for goal setting and accountability that I actually enjoy using. Until now I just used random written notes because I couldn't figure a good digital system. Natalie has always been extremely supportive and always there for us in her group coaching sessions.

Mary Tomasso Online Business Consultant,

“You just can’t beat external accountability AND goal setting in a group setting. Even though I already have a great planning system, working with Natalie got me out of my head and to start thinking big again. It’s usually me creating this space for my clients so I’m grateful to Nat for providing a space for me to have the accountability and space to focus on what I want next in life and business”

Jo Bendle Productivity Coach,


How much time will I need to invest in this?

60 minutes a week to turn up to learn, implement and be coached. Whether you come live or watch the recording, set aside that time in your calendar no matter what! Live Calls will take place every Wednesday at 10am NZ time /8am Sydney time.
That's every Tuesday at 1pm PST/ 4pm EST/ 9pm UK starting April 1st!).

Will I need to buy any special tools to participate?

Our calls will be on Zoom which is free and easy to join via a link, no software download needed.

You'll get access to Podia my course platform of choice to watch the replays and get access to tools, templates and resources each week.

You'll be provided with our LifePilot tool and system which is excel/ google sheets based or if you'd prefer we've made a LifePilot Template for Notion that you can use as well as LifePilot editable PDF version if you prefer paper-based systems you can print it out and fill it in. The community is in Discord which is also free.

When does it actually start?

Momentum the program officially kicks off on 1 April, 2024. However you will get instant access to my two BONUS Workshops on Profitable 1 Page Biz Planning and Finding the Gold from 2023 valued at $200.