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  • Access to our simple yet powerful Life Pilot tool (value $97) to start using immediately - web and mobile version
  • Four weekly video lessons  (value $397) including:

    #1: Setting goals you’ll love and actually achieve. 

    #2: Creating your big picture vision with Life Canvas

    #3: Intentional Calendar to turn goals into reality

    #4: How to make LifePilot a daily habit and rhythm.

  • Access to our Life Canvas Template (value $47) and how to use it to create your big picture 3 year vision and actually make it come true
  • Our Intentional Calendar method (value $37) to make sure you create time and space for your dreams to come true.
  • Bonus LifePilot template for Notion (value $37) - project management tool 
  • Bonus Printable version of the LifePilot tool (value $37) for paper-based lovers for your Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly Goal setting 

  • Access to a LifePilot Discord channel (value $97) to ask questions, get support and meet like-minded people.

Rave Reviews

"It's a great simple program with huge impact! What I found most valuable were 1) The accountability and ability to create a shared life vision with my husband. 2) The Life Pilot Tool. Having my weekly goals in the same place as my 3 year vision and every level in between was really motivating. 3) The inspiration of seeing first hand how you use Life Pilot through your emails, on the live calls, and in our online group."

Keryn Hewson ● Productivity and Systems Strategist

The Life Pilot system has been a total game-changer for me. It has helped clarify my priorities so that I avoid procrastination and focus on the things that really matter! Try it - you won't be disappointed! Natalie has a way of breaking down powerful, life-changing concepts so that you can immediately take action on them and experience the results you want.

Ping Carlson

The tool is really amazing, it's working so well for me because it is simple, it is something I can stick to. The concept of 3 is powerful and for the first time I have a tool for goal setting and accountability that I actually enjoy using. Until now I just used random written notes because I couldn't figure a good digital system. Natalie has been extremely supportive and always there for us!

Mary Tomasso ● Online Business Consultant, MaryTomasso.com


How much time will I need to invest in this?

To start you will need around 60-90 minutes to digest the video lessons and we recommend you do this over several days, or even a lesson each week.  

We recommend 30-60 minutes to get the most out of your weekly review and reflection. Then it's up to you how much time you want to take to implement. However once you get used to LifePilot setting goals and intentions will become easier and faster and part of your weekly rhythm. 

Will I need to buy any special tools to participate?

Nope! You'll be provided with everything you need to use including our brand new BETA mobile and web app to use. Our original LifePilot spreadsheet tool. We also have a special LifePilot Template for Notion that you can use, and this amazing tool is free to use. OR if you prefer you can use our LifePilot editable PDF version, or if you prefer paper-based systems you can print it out and fill it in. The community is in Discord which is also free.

Will this work in with my existing systems or methods I use?

Absolutely. We are firm believers that any system or methodology you use needs to suit YOU otherwise you won't use it to its full potential. We've had many students of LifePilot shape it to suit their lifestyle and their needs. In fact one student said he'd tried every life planning, productivity and goal setting system out there and ours was the only one that stuck. He uses it daily and has changed and morphed it to suit his style too. We encourage it!

Can I invite my LifePilot buddy to join me too?

Of course. Again we encourage it. Once you've purchased the plan that suits you best, please email hello@lifepilot.co and we can send you a special coupon code for them to get 25% off and for you to get 25% back too as a way of saying THANKS! And for appreciating that what sets LifePilot apart is the power of accountability and sharing your hopes and dreams with someone who has your back!

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Total value $749

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